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Sense of regional belonging

No description

Maria Coste

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Sense of regional belonging

Regional belonging feelings and regional Marketing
1. Introduction
What is the regional belonging feelings ?
Breizh Cola
Montania Cola
2. How to use the regional belonging feelings in your marketing strategy ?
Seven strategic actions
3. Is it including limits
Three limits
4. Conclusion
5. What about your feeling ?
Regional belonging feelings
3. Regional marketing includes limits

Create a story around the brand and region
Create and develop products representing the region
Regional and International Marketing strategy
Montania Cola
Montania cola is produced by Routin (Sirop and Genepi)

Created in 2010

7% of cola’s market share in the Alps area
1. Point out the brand with regional symbols
A check-list give a set of symbolic elements representative of the regional culture

With the check-list, the brand can reinvent the old tradition, and use it in its marketing campaign
3. To highlight the regional culture
5. Be an alternative of the globalization
The regional feeling can be a way to face globalization
The global consumption is standardized
To divert international brands
2. Immerse your customer in a regional atmosphere
Represented trough olfactory, auditory, visual, tactile and taste’s canals


The storm in Brittany and the French Savoy accent
7. Stimulate the regional solidarity
Regionalism is also a feeling of mutual help with their peers

Economic support
6. Favour the community experience
Community dimension
Group sharing a common past, heritage, values, legends, know how, knowledge, etc.

Representative items and products

Breizh Cola partner of Les Vielles Charues
1. Don’t lock yourself up into a too small marketing niche
Three strategies:
Identical marketing niche in another region
Change your positioning and change region
Use regional belonging feeling for other products
3. Avoid sigmatization
Regional cultures shouldn't be linked with weird and old fashion regional tradition
Use the symbols with tactfulness

Adapt symbols to your target
Pick up famous symbols
What about you ?
What do you think about the cola you drunk?

Do you feel affiliated to the region your coming from?

Do you feel affiliated to an other region?

What are the emblems of you regions?

What are the typical products of your region?
Part of the Individual identity construction
Part of Social needs, from Maslow hierarchy of needs pyramid

You can be born in the region
Or Live and work in the region and feel affiliated

Showing up the regional belonging conscience
Brand of cola producing by Brasserie Lancelots (Beer)

Created in 2002
15% of cola’s market share in west France

Breizh Cola
People like to introduce symbolic elements of their culture.
Cultural heritage can be use with sponsoring
It’s a means to create a link between the brand and the local events
4. Favor the regional exhibitionism or regional pride
Pride is an individual feeling
Claim the regional identify

Brittany symbols (landscape, flag...)
Visual and experimental communication
Sympathy for the team, brand and region
The vision of the culture differs according to people

People need to identify with the cultural codes

It can be a barrier for region where the identity is less marked
2. Adapt the cultural codes to the target
D. Remy et al : Le sentiment d'appartenance un levier d'action pour le marketing - Cairns.com


Routin.com et Montaniacola.com
Brasserielanclots.com et Breizhcola.fr

Pride : Fierté

To arise from something: Résulter de quelquechose

To retreat on something : Revenir sur quelquechose

A selling point : Argument de vente

Stigmatization : Stigmatisation - Folklorisation

2. How to use the regional belonging feelings in your marketing strategy ?
Hierarchy of needs - Maslow
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