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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Assignment

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Rebecca Daugherty

on 20 March 2016

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Transcript of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Assignment

Symbolic Interactionist Theory
The symbolic interactionism theory applies to Buffy and the Scooby gang, especially in the first two episodes. Willow is the shy nerd, Xander is the masculine teen boy, Buffy is the ditzy blonde, Cordelia is the prom queen, and Mr. Giles is the odd librarian. Joss Whedon, wrote Willow to be the smartest person at Sunnydale in science and technology. Also, he made Buffy extremely strong and physically coordinated. He also wrote Cordelia to be the leader of the peers at Sunnydale High.
Feminist Theory
In the beginning of the show, there is not much show of how Whedon shows equality to all genders. He shows girls in clique's gossiping and the boys talking about the "new girl" as if she could be their property. Later, he shows Buffy as a strong, independent vampire slayer. Whenever Xander talks about going to help her, as if he needed to be there to protect her, Buffy shut him down by saying, "you're not the slayer, I am." Showing him that a small, blonde girl was the one expected to do this vicious and strenuous act, not a boy. Also, he made it to where the librarian needed the help of a teenage girl because he was not intelligent enough to use the internet.
Willow is the nerd of Sunnydale High School. She is very quiet and shy. Buffy asked her if Xander was her boyfriend and she told Buffy that he was in elementary school but that she has not had a boyfriend since. She explained how she could not even talk to a guy she liked because she was so shy. Many high school setting movies have a character like Willow, the shy nerd. That is because many people can not believe that a smart girl could also have a fun personality; although the believe males can be smart and still have more personality; this is known as gender stereotyping.
Roles & Labeling
In the first two episode, there are many common high school roles displayed. Some of the roles shown are the popular girl, the smart girl, the average teenage boy, the girl who transferred, the odd authority figure, and the not-so-cool boy. Some of the labels are the new girl, the loser, and the nerd. Labeling happens everywhere in society, due to that, people become stuck in what society defines them as and never truly fulfill their highest potential as a person.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Assignment
Joss Whedon, the author of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made Buffy a strong female character because he believes that equality between men and women is vital to society. In his Equality Now speech, he talks about why he made Buffy a strong women. One answer was because his mother is a strong women and his own wife is a strong women, he is surrounded by strong women, so for him, that is his own perception of how women are. This goes to show that how he was raised did effect his view of women and whether they should be treated equally or not. Knowing this backs up the nurture part of the nature vs. nurture debate meaning that nature does effect our concepts of how specific genders should ask. Whedon was very well educated, his mother was even a teacher at one of the schools he attended in his lifetime. With his mother being an authority figure at home and at school, it could have allowed Whedon to see just how dependent she was.
In the first two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cordelia is shown as the snobby, popular "prom queen." This is the type of character that everyone dislikes because of how rude they are to the more well-liked characters in films. Women like Cordelia are needed in society to show power and leadership over many people. Women are usually seen as soft and push-over's, making it hard for them to ever attain administrative and political positions in the work field. People like Cordelia show that discipline and determination can be carried out by a woman.
Buffy's First Day
Buffy, a blonde, teenage girl is known as the vampire slayer and new girl in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has the strength to fight the vampires that a strong male could not even defeat because she is the chosen one. Her character goes against all female stereotypes due to the fact that she is strong, independent, and has great fighting skills. It is important for society to have women like Buffy to show that women can be equally capable of strenuous activity and leadership.
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In the first two episodes of Buffy, Xander shows his masculinity by talking about the new girl, Buffy, and her good looks. He also tries to go with Buffy to protect her from the vampires whenever she goes to try and rescue his friend. Even though she told him not to come, he followed her into the underground vampire hide-away. Xander believed Buffy couldn't do it alone because she was a small girl, but she is the only one cut out for that type of work due to the fact that she is the chosen one. Xander is the typical manly teenage male who takes action quickly and eople like Xander are needed in society to give those who do need protection the feeling of being safe because they will take action first and are not afraid to volunteer.
On Buffy's first day at Sunnydale High School, she worries about fitting in with the kids at school, making friends, and not being known as the vampire slayer. She acts like she would rather be a normal teenage and have the worries they do, like making good grades. Basically, she shows the same signs of worrying that any new student would. Most new students just want to be accepted by their new peers and start over with a clean slate. She also shows signs of worrying after a dead body is found in the gym locker room because she knows that this means their might be vampires and whenever she sees the bite marks it confirms just that for her. She then has to focus on protecting her fresh friendships from being victims of vicious vampires.
As stated in the blog
Feminisim and Gender Studes in Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer
, "a lot of the time the majority of Female Characters on American Television shows only appear to serve as love interest." This is not the case for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is a strong and independent woman even though she is a small, blonde girl. The writer of BTVS, Joss Whedon, incorporated his view of how women are strong, like his mother and wife, into Buffy. He made Willow the genius in science and technology, which is usually not seen in women characters.
By: Rebecca Daughery
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