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Day of the Butterfly

No description

Jamie MacDonald

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Day of the Butterfly

Alice Munro Day of the Butterfly The theme of the short story day of the butterfly by Alice Munro is that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Or that you shouldn't judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. The themes of popularity and exclusion keep popping up through different characters. Theme The conflict in the story is that Helen is faced with a moral dilemma of being liked by all of the popular girls or having a real friend who cares about more than being popular and someone who cares about more than being popular. Conflict The symbols in the story are material items. Things that can be easily replaced. Some examples are a butterfly, from when Helen gave Myra a butterfly on the way to school. Quarters are another symbol because it shows a peace offering Miss Darling and some girls from school brought Myra quarters when she was sick in the hospital. Symbols Myra - Myra protects her little brother Timmy at school. Since their are two sides of the playground, one side for girls and the other side for boys they always sit at the fence and talk through recess.
Helen - Helen is at first afraid of talking to Myra because she did not want to put being a part of the popular girls at risk. Helen grows to realize their is more to life then feeling popular, she decides she needs a real friend not fake friends.
Miss Darling - Miss Darling sees how no one talks to Myra on the playground and how she is excluded. The girls explain to her how she always sits beside the fence so that she can protect Timmy.
Timmy - Timmy is Myra's little brother, he is very shy and the readers get the impression that he is very insecure of himself. Timmy cant go to the washroom by himself so every time he had to go he came up to the six grade hallway to get Myra. Most times he wouldn't make it and Myra would have to take him home to get changed. Characters The climax in the story is when Helen yells up the hill to Myra to wait up for her. This shows how Helen has changed, it shows how she has began to realized how being part of the popular girls isn't all that matters. It is more important to have 1 good friend then lot's of fake friends. Climax The resolution at the end of the story was that Myra and Helen compromised to hang out together if Myra gets out of the hospital. Helen realized that it is important to have friends who care about you whether they are popular or not. You need friends who you know will always be there for you no matter what. Resolution
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