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Hoag's Object

No description

Lauren McLean

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Hoag's Object

Lauren McLean Hoag's Object Technical Facts Mysterious Formation Hoag's Object is located in the constellation of Serpens Caput (600 million light years away)
It is described as a nearly perfect ring of hot, blue stars that pinwheel about the the yellow nucleus; the entire body is made up of about 8 billion stars.
There are 3 major theories for the formation of Hoag's Object:
The ring formed as a collisional ring
The ring formed through a bar instability which has since dissolved
Gas accretion (more recent) Discovered by Arthur Allen Hoag
It's a non-typical ring galaxy with an unknown formation process
Size: 75,000 light years The Basics OBJECTIONS:
no objects for a collision; the ring looks nearly constant in comparison to the central spheroid
lack of evidence for any residual bar in the central spheroid
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