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ghost ride

No description

summer kersey

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of ghost ride

GHOST RIDE Characters sam,Cody,Javon,Aj,mike
Miranda DESCRIPTION Sam- brother of miranda wants new image
Walter- nerd, weird, creepy, wears glasses is called wally
Elizabeth-short, skinny,mom of sam and miranda,pushy
Maeve Moon-Mom of walter has frizzy hair
Mike-sams old best friend
Javon-codys friend
Jack-father of mike
Aj-sort of tom-boy kind of likes sam
Robert- sams and mirandas dad
Miranda-sam little sister annoying
INTERESTING FACTS Ghost riding, sam finds
the palce a bit spooky, they are
going to do the luge thing SETTING It took place in a bus and in
a car at sleepy hollow PERSONAL CONNECTIONS My connection with sam is
he thinks the house is a bit spooky
well when i was a kid i was a little freaked
out by my house to creepy things would
happen in there wich made me scared also
sometimes at night i feel like i hear something
walking around in the house.
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