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Teacher training 19.10.17

No description

Fortalice Limited

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of Teacher training 19.10.17

What do you want to take from today's training session
Please write on a post it note what you would like to take from today's training?
Aim of the training
To identify what domestic abuse and violence is and how it can affect how we are able to work with victims or potential victims.
Individual exercise
Test your knowledge
1. In the UK approximately how many people are affected by domestic abuse on average each year?
2 million
(Home Office 2015)
Objectives for today's session
Test your knowledge and develop a skills base
2. In the UK a woman is killed by a partner or former partner every:
3 days
Welcome & thank-you for your attendance
What do we need to know about domestic abuse to enable us to work effectively with students?
Delivered by Rachel Fowler
IRIS Advocate Educator Fortalice Ltd
Objectives for today's session
Identify our roles and responsibilities as educators when working with victims
Consider where Clare's law could be used in education
Develop an awareness of networks to help refer students
Consider typical traits of the perpetrator and the different relationships within DA
Develop an awareness of networks to help refer students
Every week
Every 2 weeks
3 days
3. Approximately how many women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime?
4. On average how many men are killed by their female partner or former partners each year?
5. On average how many women are killed by their male partner or former partner each year?
7. What percentage of women who have left an abusive relationship will go on to form another abusive relationship?
Domestic abuse victim profile
(Greater Manchester Police)
01/04/15 to 31/03/16
Total recorded crimes for Domestic Abuse in Bolton
Bolton makes up 11.7% of all domestics in GM.
Some of the incidents will result in
(Homicide Reviews)
Definition of Domestic Abuse - new definition
The cross - government definition of domestic violence and abuse is:
Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behavior, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. The abuse can encompass, but is not limited to:
Definition to include
"This includes issues of concern to black and minority ethnic (BAMER) communities such as so called 'honour killings' (home office)
How do we recognise and work with domestic abuse and violence?
group exercise
Group 1 - identify signs of abuse for all students
Group 2 why do they stay?
Group 3 - identify common issues around relationships that students bring to you and how you work with them
Identify how you would manage a DA disclosure
What role do we play working in education
Quick idea storm on how we can improve how we identify and work with domestic abuse victims across the college for all students
Clare's law
Clare's law was launched on 6th september 2012to assist people who had concerns about their own safety or that of another person
It works on the theory of
- the Right to Ask & the Right to Know
Clare's Law
Step 1
- Initial contact with the police
Step 2
- Face to face meeting to complete the application
Step 3
- Multi agency meeting to consider disclosure
Clare's Law
Step 4
- Potential disclosure from the police - what information you might be given
Fortalice - how can we help?
Fortalice provides front line services for women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse.
Services include:
Educational projects delivered in schools and colleges
Training courses for the professionals
Courses for women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse
Fortalice how can we help?
One to one risk assessments
One to one counselling
A safe place to stay in a 22 bed refuge
The refuge has an OFSTED registered children's services
All women coming into the refuge access a diverse range of courses and interventions
Refuge Accommodation
Fortalice - how can we help?
Support centre
Family conferencing
Early intervention project
IRIS project
Young peoples project
Counselling for women and children
Group work - Freedom project / Recovery toolkit / Next steps
A Survivors thank you
Revisit learning
What will you take from today's session?
Any Questions?
Thanks for your participation
Please could you take a few minutes to complete an evaluation
2 million
6. During pregnancy does domestic abuse:
remain the same
What percentage of women who have left an abusive relationship will go on to form another abusive relationship?
1 in 10
(Home Office
8. What percentage of young adults report being exposed to domestic abuse as children?
9. In Bolton, domestic abuse is a key factor in what percentage of children's protection plans
10. How frequently are children physically harmed when there is domestic violence between adults?
2 out of 10 cases
5 out of 10 cases
8 out of 10 cases
5 out of 10 cases
11. Domestic abuse happens because of:
Mental health problems
None of these
None of these
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