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Copy of TodaysMeet Workshop

Harmon Course 6

Kim Harmon

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of TodaysMeet Workshop

You Tube on How to Use TodaysMeet.com
Managed through TodaysMeet with posted assignments, quizzes, links, other groups or class names, and/or subject matter.

When you Create a Group, only you will have the Name to give to your students.

Others must join by receiving the Group Name from you. Managing Groups Teachers create a group or class name within the site,
and the length or time (days, weeks, months).

Window appears with group or class name ready for collaborating. Logging In, Creating Accounts What is TodaysMeet.com

Secure Social Networking Media
User Friendly
Teacher Managed

Kim Harmon

©2013 Kim Harmon Posting ( Assignments)
Assignments (creating, editing)
Role Play
Reflection Writing
Peer Collaboration Working within TodaysMeet TodaysMeet is a free, secure educational web site.
A collaborative organizer for teachers/students
Quizzes, assessments, surveys, links, share ideas, pictures all can be used on this site.
Technology friendly. Why TodaysMeet The End Where to Find TodaysMeet

http://todaysmeet.com/ Conclusion of Web-based Site "Hash-tags" can be used to connect to Twitter, which maintains as an educational web-site.

Interactive, engaging tool for all students.

Promotes critical thinking skills.

Student-led facilitation can occur.

Easy, fun, user friendly. Please Send Comments To: kharmon@bcswan.net Within TodaysMeet you can.... Comments:

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