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The Battery

No description

Aldo Vega

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of The Battery

The Wet Cell
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Related Products
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The battery
It's Design
the battery is one of the most revolutionary inventions.
it powers our world and will continue to do so until the next "battery" in this long family of electrical power sources. Now you may think the first battery was the Voltaic Pile but in actuality it was is the Baghdad Battery found in rock recently.
Jesus Valdez
Angel Rodriguez
Frank Salazar
Aldo Vega

One of the first designs was the"Wet cell" . It was a open containers that had electrolytes. It's + pole was lead dioxide, the - pole was lead
The battery had a huge effect on our society, it helped us power machines and artifacts so that we could make things simpler and easier.
It powered some of the first communicating devices like the telegraph.
It also had a great influence in the beginning of industry since it powered the first machines.
Communication and industry and other artifacts important to use may not be possible if we did not have batteries.

The battery was invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta in Bologna University.
The study started when Luigi Galvani that a frogs muscles would move when touched with a piece of metal. they called it: animal electricity.
Now, batteries are made by stacking layers of elements. A element is made of a silver plate, blotting paper, and a zinc plate.
Future Changes
in my opinion we will eventually stop using the batteries we know now and move on to solar powered batteries.-Aldo
In my opinion we will stop using traditional batteries and we will start using batteries powered by the wind, water and other sources. -Frank
Fronius. "History of the Battery." Fronius International. Fronius International GmbH., n.d. Web.
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