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Dance Moms

No description

S Dolan

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Dance Moms

Mackenzie Ziengler and Chloe Lukasiek
maddie ziengler
Mackenzie Ziengler
Maddie Ziengler
Kendall Vertes and Nia Ferzier
Kendall Vertes
Paige and Brooke Hyland
Paige Hyland
Abby lee miller
who is abby lee miller
Chloe is Christi`s daughter,and is the national title holder for her age category .
She is 12 years old and is often compared with Maddie Zingler .
She specializes in lyrical routines or contemporary routines.
Chloe Lukasiak
Nia Frazier
Brooke Hyland
Mellissia, Christi, Jill ,Kellie , Hollie
The Dance Moms
Abby Lee Miller is the owner of a successful dance studio in Pittsburgh, pennsylvania.She is a choreographer who does not take loosing to well.Her company was founded 27 years ago and she ranks the girls on the previous week showing it on a pyramid
Paige and Brooke are
sisters,Paige is Kellie`s daughter,
Paige recently broke
her leg so she hasn't
been dancing much
in this season.
She mainly dances in
duets or trio's.
Paige is Brooke`s
sister and Brooke is Kellie`s daughter
Brooke specializes in
acrobatic routines .
She is the oldest on
the competition team! Brooke has
just released a new
album and her hit song is Summer love

Kendall is the daughter of Jill.
Kendall is the newest
dancer to Abby Lee's
competition team.
Soon after she first
joined she quit and
moved to abby's
enemies studio
candy apples. shortly
after that she came
back with her tail between her legs !

Nia is Holly`s daughter.
She specializes in
acrobatic routines
and Jazz routines .Nia is
12 years old and has been
dancing in Abby's
company since she was 3
years old .Nia play piano
and drums .
Mackenzie is Mellissa`s daughter and sisters with Maddie.
Mackenzie is the youngest on the competition team.
she specializes in acrobatic
routines and jazz routines
Her favourite subject is maths .
She started dancing when she was 2.5,
when shes older she wants
to be a dancer on brodway!
Maddie is Melissa`s daughter and is sisters with Mackenzie .Maddie is the favourite dancer of Abby Lee Miller all of the moms knows this but yet Maddie is an incredible dancer.Maddie is 11 years old .She specializes in lyrical routines but she has been taken tap classes since she was 2 . Maddie and Chloe always compete at competitions.
Candy Apples are Abbys biggest competition Candy Apples love to see her loose! The picture above is
Cathy who is the choreographer of Candy Apples.
candy apples
Broadway Baby
Broadway Baby is Abbey lee Millers dog.
The Last Text
Gianna Martello
Gia (Gianna) is a co-choreographer for Abby .She mainly works with Maddie and has a great bond with her too .Gia
is 24 years old and a former dancer of Abby .
(they are Crazy)
Dance Moms
Second is the
First to loose!!
Aisa Monet Ray
In the picture above is Aisa with her Mom Cristi .Aisa is new on the team and is a spicy diva who is bursting with energy .
Aisa was on Abby`s ultamite Dance Competition.Her Mom Cristi is not
afraid to fight with anyone. All Cristi
wants is for aisa to be a star
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