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April Raintree Final Project

No description

Sydney Urwin

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of April Raintree Final Project

April and Cheryl get taken away from their home April Raintree April moves in with her first family April gets moved to the DeRosier family April finally gets removed from the DeRosier family By: Sydney Urwin I chose to do a timeline for my final project of April Raintree. It was the best way for me to share my knowledge of what I learned while reading this book. I tried to pick out what I thought were the ten most important parts. Ones that shaped April as a person or struggles she went through by herself or with her sister Cheryl. Each part that I have picked I have found that it either changed April or made her a stronger more independent person. The best way to display this timeline was to design a Prezi that would be easy to understand the order of events that go with their descriptions. They go in order in which they happened in the book, but also how each one changed April as a person. The summer after April's sixth birthday was when her life changed for the rest of her life. She and her sister Cheryl were taken from their home by a social worker. At the time April was told it was because her parents were sick, but it was really because they were alcoholics that weren't able to care for their children. It was best for the two sisters to be removed from that home because it wouldn't have been safe for them to live there for much longer. It's too bad that they didn't have more attentive parents that would have tried to provide for their kids instead of giving up. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be taken away from my parents at such a young age. April is Finally Free of Foster Care April Marries Bob April gets raped trying to retrieved Cheryl's things from her apartment April and Cheryl have their final argument over their parents Cheryl commits suicide April discover that Cheryl had a son named Henry Liberty I believe that all of the experiences that April has gone through in her life have made her who she is. Even though they might not have all been good times in her life she can learn from them. She can learn how to become a reliable, responsible and caring mother if one day she decides to have kids or even just for Henry. Through her journey she has also begun to believe in her heritage and be proud of who she is. This presentation was a way for me to show you how all these events, good and bad, have shaped April into the person she is today. At six years old April moves in with her first new family, the Dions. It was September 9, 1955 when April first set foot in the Dion's house. The whole family truly loved and cared for April. It was a great first home for April to be put into, but too bad that she couldn't have stayed there longer. They were shaping a very well mature kid that if she had stayed their longer she might have been able to have a more stable life. While at the Dion's April had her first family visit, wrote her first letter to Cheryl and had her first day of school. The Dion's really had a good life set up for April to become the best person she could be, but they also did a good job of just loving her. In January, when April was 9 she got moved to her second home. She was placed in the DeRosier's home. There Mrs. DeRosier and her two kids were mean and abusive towards April. They were always making April work and April even referenced in the book that they were treating her like Cinderella. If both of the kids would have been girls it would have been exactly like the story. Some things that Mrs. DeRosier would do to April were cut her hair, hit her with a strap and disrespect her heritage all while she lived in a small, uncomfortable room. April went through a lot while living with the DeRosier family, if only she would have been able to speak up sooner, it might have come to an end sooner too. I think it would have been really hard because even her social worker, the one that is supposed to be watching out for April didn't even listen to Aprils' cries for help. When April discovers that Cheryl has a three year old boy she can't wait to meet the part of Cheryl that will still live on. Cheryl's son Henry Liberty Raintree helped April in some way cope with the death of her sister. I think that when April met Henry it gave her hope for the future. It gave April something to strive for and to be better for. In the book when she first saw Henry she said, "I would strive for it. For my sister and her son. For my parents. For my people."
That was the first time in the book that I believe that April was proud of her heritage and wanted to support it. Discovering Henry made her look at life differently. I think that finding him she will do whatever she can to make sure the little boy has the best life he could possibly have. When Cheryl commits suicide, I thought it was a big turning point in the book. On April 28, 1973 she jumped off the same bridge that her mother did years earlier. I think that Cheryl jumped off the same bridge to try to be reunited with her mom. She might have also thought that her life was not worth living anymore. With her new son she might have thought that she wouldn't be able to support the kid for much longer and it would be easier to just disappear. This event effected April in both good ways and bad. I think that she feels awful that she couldn't have done something sooner to have helped prevent this from happening. It was also probably good for April because she discovered more about herself from losing her sister. She discovered Henry, information about her past, and also started to believe in herself. At the end of February 1973 April probably didn't think that this would be the last time that she would ever speak to her sister again. The last argument that these two sisters had April found out more information about her parents then she had ever known before. How her dad was an alcoholic or a gutter creature and how if there was something illegal in the world to do like drugs, stealing, breaking and entering, etc. he did it. While her mom committed suicide off the Louise Bridge because she couldn't take living anymore. Then there was baby Anna who died as a baby and Cheryl believes she was the luckiest of them all. I can see how Cheryl would think that because they had such a hard life that it would have been easier to just die. This argument probably cleared up so many questions that April had about her parents, but with all the wrong answers. I can't imagine hearing those kinds of comments about my parents and how it would make me feel. When April gets raped it is the hardest chapter to read in the book. I think the experience hurt April physically and emotionally to a point that I don't know if she will ever get over it. I don't know if there was anything she could have done to avoid the situation except not go to Cheryl's apartment. I can't imagine what I would have done in a situation like this. I think that all April was thinking was that she wanted to live and thankfully she did. It really wrecked April as a person and I think the only thing that helped her try to overcome it was the trial when she got to see the men put behind bars. I can see this experience haunting April for the rest of her life, but hopefully with more time she would be able to overcome it more and more each day. When April first met Bob she thought he was her Prince Charming and that she was living a fairy-tale. April and Bob got married on July 25, 1969 with only Cheryl and one of Cheryl's friend at their wedding. When she moved to Toronto to live with Bob she thought she was dreaming. She had tons of money a huge house, white friends and at the time a husband she thought that loved her. She loved her life except for the part that Bob's mom was always trying to boss April around, but it came to an end. When April found out that Bob cheated on her she had no problem leaving. I think that even though Bob cheated on April one day April would have left him anyways. She would only be able to put up with Mother Radcliff and with the high society life for so long. I think that going through the marriage and divorce with Bob, April learned a lot about how to trust people and to not commit to certain things too quickly. Even though April might have been sad at one point with the divorce I think it was good for her to learn and be able to move on so easily. In 1967 when April became free of the foster care program it was one of the best days of her life. She no longer had to rely on them for where she should live or always have to worry about reporting back to them. It would be such a relief to be free of all that especially with the struggles she went through to get there. I think foster care made April grow up quicker than most kids do. She became more dependent on herself at a young age which meant she didn't have the childhood that most kids are fortunate enough to have. Even though all her experiences growing up with the foster care program might not have been good she still learnt a lot about those experiences to live a long life. If she ever had kids she would find the best way to support them so they wouldn't have to go through experiences that she did. For April finally being removed from the DeRosier home all started in October of grade 10 when she wrote a story for her English assignment She brought attention to the problems she was going through at home and it finally paid off. During the beginning of spring break in 1967, April was assigned a new social worker named Mr. Wendell. He was able to remove April from the horrible home which couldn't have come any sooner. I think it was brave of April to write the story to her teachers to try to get someone to listen to her. It could have come a lot sooner, but at least she finally said something through the only way she knew she could, writing.
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