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Tips for creating a successful (history) project with eTwinning

Presentation for the eTwinning conference in Baku, November 2014

Daniel Bernsen

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Tips for creating a successful (history) project with eTwinning

Tips for creating a successful (history) project with eTwinning
1 eTwinning history project experiences

2 Benefits

3 Problems

4 Balance & tips
- problems -
+ Benefits +
balance & tips
eTwinning History project experiences
Roman traces in our region (with partner schools from France, Spain, Germany)

World War One: German-French perspectives

UNESCO World Heritage sites: Úbeda/Spain and La Réunion/France
+ communication +
cooperative & collaborative learning
a foreign language as language of communication
historical names/terms
comparison of different concepts
+ historical thinking +
discovering historical traces in the students' school town
establishing historical significance
taking different perspectives
telling history in different ways

+ motivation +
video conference as ice breaker
involvement of students
extra commitment
personal contact between students
- technical problems -
no Internet connection
no access to the ICT room
compatibility of data files
- organisational
problems -
synchronic activities vs. timetable
holidays and exams


Daniel Bernsen
Twitter @eisenmed

start with a short time project
take time for planning
agree on workflow & results
write a working schedule
create a powerful learning environment
to empower your students and
to enable meaningful & self-organised learning
stay open minded to different perspectives and interpretations of historical events

change your role in the classroom:
1) always continue learning yourself and
2) be the students' (learning) route guiding system
CC BY SA 3.0 by tind
CC BY SA 3.0 by tind
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