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Cult Films

No description

Melinda Freund

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Cult Films

Cult Films A Closer Inspection of the underground sensation Introduction Cult movies have an elastic definition
Strange characters, garish sets, eccentric plots
Socially unacceptable ingredients like horror, sex, violence, and science fiction to the Cult Genre Cult or Not? Classic Cult:
The History Behind the Obsession The Progression Contemporary Cult: Evolution of The Genre Film Purpose Eccentric plots strike a chord within people, and in this fanatical group people develop a sense of belonging and oneness with other fans Famous Directors Roger Corman
John Waters
Ed Wood
Quentin Tarantino
The Coen Brothers
David Lynch
James Whale
Tod Browning
William Castle
Larry Cohen
Mario Bava Famous Actors Lon Chaney Senior
Lon Chaney Junior
Bela Lugosi
Vincent Price
Lionel Atwill
John Carradine
Basil Rathbone
George Zucco
Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Klaus Kinski
Barbara Steele The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Wizard of Oz The Big Lebowski Innovations In Film Technology Positive and negative effects Subcategories "So bad they're good" films "Camp Classics" Availability Modern Cult Films Donnie Darko Pink Floyd: The Wall Production? Fewer independent film companies= fewer cult films Pulp Fiction Cult films never fail to keep an audience smiling as the credits roll. Laws and Movies Movement against marijuana in 1936 Marijuana made illegal the year after film was released Politics in Oz? Dorothy resembles naïve Americans.
The Cowardly Lion- How politicians were cowards themselves.
Emerald City- Money people chase after on their own "yellow brick road." One of the Classics Produced in 1940
Very influential for its time
Combined classical music with animated shorts- first of its kind A Popular Technique Alternate realities created by time travel in the classic "It's A Wonderful Life" (1946) and "Back to the Future Part 2 (1989). History in Cult Films Prelude of WWII, the Nazis were in the process of annexing Austria. Tony Montana comes to Miami when Fidel Castro releases criminals from the Cuban prisons. Refers to the past events of WWII.
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