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Legend of Zelda: music through the ages

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jeremy q

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Legend of Zelda: music through the ages

The first game of the series would also become one of the most well known games of all time. The graphics were pixel-ish but the quality story and gameplay made up for it. The soundtrack was mostly made up of 8-bit music (also known as chiptune). Chiptune was synthesized music from older sound chips. Because this was an older game, technology wasn't so great at the time. Most of the music was just different pitched beeps put together to make music. Some of the well known songs include "Title Theme" and "Overworld theme". The soundtrack was composed by Koji Kondo
The cover
The title theme
A timeline of the series most well known games
The Legend of Zelda
is released in 1987
The Legend of Zelda:
A Link to the Past
is released in 1992
The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time
is released in 1998
The Legend of Zelda:
Majora's Mask
is released in 2000
The Legend of Zelda:
Twilight Princess
is released in 2006
The Legend of Zelda:
Skyward Sword
is released in 2011
The Legend of Zelda:
The Wind Waker
is released in 2003
The cover
Images of gameplay
in different areas
Hyule Castle
Dark World theme
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past

the second game in the Legend of Zelda franchise. This game added new mechanics to the gameplay which made the game much more challenging. The music was made using much better technology. Unlike the first game of the series, the music sounded smooth and orchestrated, unlike the choppy beeps of the 8-bit music in the first game. The soundtrack was done by Koji Kondo.

The title theme was played once the player started up
the game.
The cover
Ocarina of time
was the first game in
the franchise to use 3D graphics
Gerudo valley
This song was played when the
player was at Hyrule Castle.
This theme was played then the
player was in the Dark World.
Lost Woods/Saria's Song
Ocarina of Time was probably the best game of the entire Zelda franchise. Many critics called it the greatest game of all time. Not only was it the first Zelda game to have 3D graphics, but it also had a great soundtrack. Two of the songs, Gerudo Valley and Lost Woods were good examples of songs that were inspired by sounds and instruments from different cultures/places. The music for Ocarina of time was composed by Koji Kondo. One of the cool features of this game was that most of the songs in the sounftrack could be played in-game with the Ocarina, one of the game's items.
The Legend of Zelda is probably one of the best video game franchises of all time. Not only did they make some of the best games of their generations, but one of the greatest games of all time (Ocarina of Time). One of the reasons their games were so memorable was because of their great soundtracks. Many of the songs replicated sounds and instruments from different places and cultures. Most of the scores were done by the same people, one of the well known people being Koji Kondo. Other notable people were Hajime Wakai and Toru Minegishi. Most of the music in the games was synthesized but a few of the recent games used orchestrated music. There are 17 games in the Legend of Zelda series, but I am only going to be talking about the 7 most popular ones.
The cover
Song of healing
Song of Storms
Even though this game didn't introduce any new features other than a new story and better graphics, it was still one of the best games of the Zelda series. Majora's Mask also had one of the most unique storylines/gameplay of any Zelda game. The soundtrack was done by Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi. A part of the soundtrack was just refinished music from Ocarina of time. This was the first Zelda soundtrack to have had people co-working with Kondo. Kondo also described the music as "similar to Chinese-opera sound."
Link playing a song on the Ocarina
This song was played once the
player reached Gerudo valley.
This song was taught to Link by Saria, one of Link's childhood friends, as a sign of friendship. It is also played when Link is in the Lost woods.
The song of healing is played by a mask
salesman. The song restores Link to
his original form after he was transformed into a Deku Scrub.
This song is taught to Link by a composer
named Flat. It represents his sadness of
losing his brother, Sharp.
The cover
This game was the first game to
use "cell shaded" graphics
Overworld theme
The Overworld theme was
played when link entered the overworld.
Dragon Roost Island
This song was played when the player was at Dragon Roost Island.
The Great Sea
This song was played whenever the
player was riding their boat across the great sea.
The Wind Waker introduced many new elements of gameplay such as the ability to travel to different islands. It also was the first game to use cell-shaded graphics, which received come criticism for "being unfaithful to the traditional Zelda graphics, even though it made the game look a lot better. The soundtrack was composed by Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, and Toru Minegishi. The soundtrack for Wind Waker was one of the largest soundtracks of any Zelda game. The songs in this game were influenced by Andean and Incan music, but implemented sounds from Scottish Uilleann pipes as well.

Midna's Lament
The cover
Twilight princess looked very detailed, despite the Wii's graphical capabilities
This song is played when Link's partner,
Midna is horribly injured by Zant, one of the antagonists in Twilight Princess.
Hidden Village
This theme is played when the player is in the Hidden Village.
Twilight princess was one of the most critically acclaimed games of the year. The gameplay had a very unique story line, and the game had some of the best graphics of its generation. The soundtrack was done by Koji Kondo, Asuka Ota, and Toru Minegishi. Kondo would take place as sound supervisor, and Ota and Minegishi would be the composers. Kondo had originally planned to use orchestrated music, though they eventually used digital music. Kondo stated the reason for not using orchestrated music was the "lack of interactivity".
The cover
Ballad of the Goddess
This song is performed by princess Zelda
in celebration of the Wing Ceremony.
Fi's Farewell
Fi's Farewell is played when Fi, Link's companion, is sealed back into the Master Sword at the end of the game.
Skyward Sword utilized the Wii's motion-activated technology, "Wii Motionplus".
Skyward sword is one of the more recent Zelda games. It introduced many new properties such as the use of "Wii Motionplus" and many new aspects of gameplay. This game received very mixed reviews, some saying that it was overrated, other critics had said that it was the best Zelda game of all time. This game was also the first ever Zelda game to use orchestrated music (synthesized music was used as well). Skyward Sword was also the first game to have a song with lyrics in the soundtrack. The soundtrack was mainly composed by Hajime Wakai, and Koji Kondo, along with Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, and Takeshi Hama
Koji Kondo
Kondo has been working with Nintendo for over 30 years. He has done many famous soundtracks including the entire super Mario series, the entire Zelda series, as well as the entire Star Fox series.
Kondo playing music on his synthesizer
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