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Jonn Graff

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of CHHJ

External Analysis Internal Analysis Recommendations Industry Characteristics
and Analysis Key Success factors for the Industry Structural Forces Macro Environment Conclusion Introduction What we will be telling you:
Overview of external environment
Review of internal analysis of College Hunks Hauling Junk
Recommendations Mission Statement Strategy Key Success Factors Financial Analysis Resource and Capability Analysis Conclusion 1. Referral System 2. Strategic Alliance with Sunrise Senior Living 3. College Campus Business WHY??? Addresses critical strategic issue of customer acquisition vs. customer retention
Weakness of use of marketing funds
Lowers costs
Increases potential jobs per day
HOW DOES IT WORK??? Customer 1 uses College Hunks Hauling Junk
Customer 1 is so pleased with the service, they recommend CHHJ to Customer 2
Customer 2 is asked by the call center employee if anyone referred them to CHHJ
Once Customer 2 contracts CHHJ, the call center employee mails out a $50 Coupon and a thank you note for using CHHJ to Customer 1
Customer 2 has their junk hauling job performed
Customer 1 uses CHHJ again within the designated time frame to redeem their $50 coupon THE MATH...
Customer 1's Acquisition Fee: $60.00
Customer 2's Acquisition Fee: $60.00
Customer 1's Repeat Business Fee: $60.00 / ?
Average Customer Acquisition Fee $60.00 REFERRAL SYSTEM:
Customer 1's Acquisition Fee: $60.00
Customer 2's Acquisition Fee: $0.00
Customer 1's Repeat Business Fee: $50.00
Average Customer Acquisition Fee $36.67 BENEFITS...
Helps find the optimal balance between customer acquisition and customer retention
Marketing funds are used more efficiently
Lowers costs
Offers corporate the chance to conduct more detailed market research
Implementation is easy and can begin immediately
Measurable success WHY??? Diversifies CHHJ's client base
Capitalizes on "Graying of America" trend
Allows CHHJ to become a first mover
This leads to the possibility of further assisted living facility contracts HOW DOES IT WORK??? Planning
CHHJ's corporate headquarters contacts Sunrise Senior Living
Work out contract with Sunrise Senior Living
Sunrise Senior Living offers CHHJ's services to customers moving in and uses CHHJ when customers pass away or move out
CHHJ then pays Sunrise Senior Living a percentage of each job contracted BENEFITS...
Indirectly attacks CHHJ's main critical strategic issues
Steady flow of business
Spreads the CHHJ brand
Little leg work once implemented WHY??? Diversifies CHHJ's client base
Offers two boom periods a year
Easy to implement

CHHJ Corporate Headquarters has call center employees formulate a list of local college and universities
Each list is printed and sent to the franchisee
Franchisee contacts college or university
Franchisee forms a contract based on corporate regulations BENEFITS...
Major source of income
Diversifies client base
Guarentees future and repeat business
No additional costs Conclusion:
Industry Analysis
College Hunks Hauling Junk Analysis
Our Recommendations and How They Can Help THANK YOU
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