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Main characters of Copper Sun

No description

Tori Ross

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Main characters of Copper Sun

Get to know the main characters of Copper Sun
Mr. Derby is the owner of Amari, Polly, Tidbit, Teenie, and some other slaves. He is the husband of Mrs. Derby and is the owner of Derbyshire Farms. He is the father of clay. All he cares about is his wife and baby, but when the baby is born something horrific happens to everyone.
Mrs.Derby is Mr.Derby's wife. She's inlove with a slave called Noah. She isn't rude to the slaves and actually likes them. She's a very kind lady an dher life revolvs around Mr.derby
Amari is the main character of the book. She is 15 and is dark skinned. She is slave that works for Derbyshire farms. Her village was invaded and she was takin away from her family and sold into slavery. She becomes best freinds with a white girl and they help eachother to freedom.
Polly is an indentured servant and works for Mr. Derby. She is around the same age as Amari and is light skinned. She slowly becomes used to Amri and her and Amri become bestfriends. She is sort of rude at the beginningof the book, but then she becomes nicer and more carin gfor black people.
Clay is the son of Mr. Derby. Amari is his birthday gift and named her myna. Clay is a very rude person and is a show off. All he wants is his fathers attention but he doesn't get it. He's also very selfish. Clay is in his twentys or thirties.
Teenie is a slave and works for Mr.Derby. She is the mother of Tidbit. She helps and cares for Amari and Polly. She tells them stories and different techniques on how to live and survive being a slave or indentured servant. Teenie is very important because without her the girl Amari and polly wouldn't know what to do.
Tidbit is 4 years old. His mother is Teenie. Tidbit brings joy to the derbyshire farm. He's really cue as described and everyone loves him. He's very shy and always wants his mother. He becomes to love Amri and Polly because they are his new mothers and they are now responsible for him.
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