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ICT Plan

No description

Elidelson Tapia

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of ICT Plan

Connecting UNDP through
the strategic use of
Information Technology

Other Business Matters
ICT Green Task force

ICT Plan

Actual usage of mobile phone calls

Office Greening Task force

Other business matters

Mobile Phone Usage
ICT Plan
Implementation Planning
Development Approach
Strategy Development
Situation Analysis
Technology Position
Needs Assessment
IT Service delivery
To have a comprehensive assessment of the CO situation and an assessment of its current technology position

To identify specific areas of need

Offer insight into progress of previous ICT plan

Formulate clear recommendation for IT service delivery, infrastructure, applications, and governance

To create a prioritized implementation plan with meaningful budget estimates
Situation Analysis
External Factors
Internal Factors
Technology trends
IT security threats
World Economic Crisis (Euro zone crisis)
Financial Crisis of the CO
Agenda for Organizational Change
Modernization Agenda
Current Technology Position
Needs Assessment
Client Services
Helpdesk Support
Workstation Management
Network Services
Printing Services
Telecommunication Services
Mobile Devices
Conferencing Equipment
Other Equipment
Training Facilitation Services
Strategic Direction - IT Vision and Goals
Alignments with the following Plans:
UNDP IM Strategy
CO Annual Business Plan
•Adopt ICT governance through an ICT Board
•Adopt at minimum the updated ICT Usage Policy
•Implement Disaster Recovery Plan in support of the Business Continuity Plan
•Ensure COs meet minimum ICT baseline and have a secondary technical reporting line to HQ ICT unit.
•Elevate the key ICT Country Office role to a professional level capable of addressing complexities of ICT environment
•Adopt Green ICT principles
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