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The Covenant House

Shelby West

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of eXist

Associated with: The Covenant House of Georgia
Management Style


Lessons Learned Handling Hardships Bake Sale & Raffle Other Fundraisers A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: Key Topics: *Raffle
-External Factor
-Time Pressure
-Social Loafing
-Withdrawal Behavior
-Less Affective Commitment
-Pooled Interdependence (20 Tickets @ $3 or 2 for $5) =$310
*Member Displayed
- Civic Virtue
- Citizenship Behavior =$40
*Other Donations =$40 - Doubled projected donations

- eXist had a strong focus of
commitment to fundraisers

- Learned through tacit knowledge

- Members displayed organizational and interpersonal citizenship behavior Successes THOMAS RICHARD

Task Manager SHELBY WEST

Marketing Manager ANTHONY GIAMBOY


Bake Sale Director ELVIRA QUISPE

Secretary Communication Network Structure:

ALL CHANNEL Downfalls & Restructuring of eXist *Voice, civic virture, boosterism, sportsmanship, helping and courtesy -Coordination
-Responding - Punctuated
equilibrium - Restructuring Punctuated equilibrium *Conducted bake sale, raffle ticket sales, and individual tasks successfully * Members dominated behavior until tasks and project was complete Model of Team Development *Team regrouped, changed our approach, and realized the importance of our success Forming and Pattern Creation Inertia Process Revision Interia * Met fellow members and created acceptable and unacceptable group norms
* Brainstormed and created tasks, duties, and responsibilities * Pattern of behavior lasted for first half of the semester and begins to fade... * Pattern of behavior continues to dominate and team members continue to complete tasks "Every Year, More Than 2 Million Kids in America Will Face a Period of Homelessness" ~ The Convenant House Institute - Decentralized (helped to make us all leaders) - Miscommunication and pitfalls led us to restructuring the group which helped eXist become successful *Discovered personality differences and diversity among the group members and used that to benefit the group and our organization TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER:

http://www.covenanthousega.org CASIDY MARSHALL

Raffle Director Kaylah Walker WHY:
- Affective Commitment Bake Sale *1st Team to Reserve GSU Courtyard for Events!!
-Excited and Motivated
-Time Conflict [School/Work Schedules]
*Nonwork Hindrances
-Negative & Positive Life Events
-Financial Uncertainties
*Tasks & Duties
*Interpersonal Citizenship Behavior
-Helping, Courteous and Sportsmanship
*Almost Doubled Self-Set Goals of $80* =$140.46 WE ARE "SO" EXCITED TO GIVE
A TOTAL AMOUNT OF.... $530.46!!! -Created AcceptableUnacceptable Group Norms
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