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Etymology Project - Latin Roots 16-23

No description

Jahari Thompson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Etymology Project - Latin Roots 16-23

Eytomology Latin Roots 16-23 Duc (lead)
aqueduct - artificial channel for conducting water
conducive - helpful
conduct - escort
deduction - take away
duct - tube for conducting a channel
ductile - easily led
induce - lead in
induction - initianion
seduction - enticement
traduce - slander
viaduct - bridge for conducting a road
Secut (follow)
consecutive - successive
consequence - that which follow logically
execute - put to death
inconsequential - unimportant
non sequitor - statemenet that does not follow from previous statements
persecute - annoy
prosecute - sue
sequel - something that follows
sequence - succession
sequential - serial
Cur (run)
concur - agree
concurent - running together
current - now in progress
curriculum - course of study
cursive - running or flowing
cursory - running over hastily
discursive - rambling
excursion - expidition
incur - bring upon oneself
incursion - rushing into
precursor - forerunner
recur - happen again Gress (step)
aggressive - assertive
egress - exit
gradation - act of grading
grade - rating
gradient - slope
gradual - step-by-step
graduate - complete all steps
graduated - arranged in regular steps
progressive - going forward to something better
regressive - backward
retrograde - becoming worse
retrogression - deterioration
transgress - step beyond the limits Ped (foot)
biped - two-footed
centipede - wormlike animal with one pair of legs
expidite - accelerate
impede - hinder
impediment - deflect
millipede - wormlike animal with two pairs of legs
pedal - lever acted by foot
pedestal - foundation
pedestrian(n.) - person traveling on foot
pedestrian(adj.) - common place
velocipede - early form of a bicycle
Grat (pleasant)
congradulate - express pleasure
gracious - courteous
grateful - express pleasure
gratify - give satisfaction
gratis - free
gratitude - thankfulness
gratuitous - given freely
gratuity - tip
ingrate - ungrateful
ingratiate - establish in the favor
Mor (death)
immortal - not subject to death
immortality - eternal life
moribund - near death
mortal (adj.) - destined to die
mortal (n.) - human being
mortality - death rate
mortician - undertaker
mortification - shame
mortify - embarrass
mortuary - funeral home
rigor mortis - stiffness of the body Corp (body)
corporal - bodily
corporation - body authorized by law
corps - branch of the millitary
corpse - dead body
corpulent - obese
corpus - laws
corpuscle - minute particle
corpus delicti - facts proving a crime
esprit de corps - group spirit
habeas corpus - right of a citizen for court protection
incorporate - combine into one body paragraph
Dear resipient,
I would like to congratulate you on ur outstanding conduct in creating
the new health care bill. without your help there would be a rapid increase in the mortalities in America. This bill will decrease the population of corpulent Americans in this great nation. I concur that the way you and President Obama prosecuted that bill will forever be in the history books for being one of the greatest transgresses in 2010. I hope that we can expedite this bill effenciently and I hope we will work again sometime in the near future.
-Jahari Thompson Contigious (adj.)
touching; in physical contact; adjoining
the two twins were contigious pests.
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