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WHMIS 2015

No description

Craig Li

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of WHMIS 2015

WHMIS 2015
What is WHMIS 2015
What does it cover?
Two Hazard Groups
Physical Hazards and Health Hazards
Classifying a Hazard
Hazard Group
Hazard Class
Hazard Category
Three Elements
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Education / Training
Who is it for?
Suppliers (classify the products)

Employers (supply labels, train and educate workers)

Workers (Use training to work safely with controlled products)

Physical Hazards
Health Hazards
Hazardous Products:
-Any product, material or substance that meet any of the criteria for one or more of the 32 Hazard Classes, Defined by the Federal Hazardous Products Regulation.

What it does not cover
-Explosives covered by the explosives act
-Consumer products covered by the Canada Consumer Safety Act
-Cosemetics, Food and Drugs covered by the Food and Drugs Act
-Pesticides, Herbicides and Insecticides covered by the Pest Control Products Act
-Combustible dusts
-Oxidizing solids
-Corrosive to metals
-Pyrophoric gases
-Flammable gases
-Pyrophoric liquids
-Flammable aerosols
-Pyrophoric solids
-Flammable liquids
-Self-heating substances and mixtures

-Flammable solids
-Self-reactive substances and mixtures
-Gases under pressure
-Simple asphyxiants
-Organic peroxides
-Substances and mixtures, which in contact
with water, emit flammable gases
-Oxidizing gases Physical
-Hazards Not Otherwise Classified
-Oxidizing liquids
-Acute toxicity
-Reproductive toxicity
-Skin corrosion/irritation
-Specific target organ toxicity (single
-Serious eye damage/eye irritation
-Specific target organ toxicity (repeated
-Respiratory or skin sensitization
-Aspiration hazard
-Germ cell mutagenicity Biohazardous infectious materials
-Health hazards not otherwise classified
Physical Hazard
Corrosive to Metals
Category 1
-The category identifies the degree of hazard
within the class
-Category 1 is always the highest level of hazard
Supplier Label
-Signal Words
-Hazard Statement
-Precautionary Statements
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