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Reflection on A Professional Journey

No description

Alexandra Aubrecht

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Reflection on A Professional Journey

Reflection on A Professional Journey
Questions about who we want to be when we grow up, and the conclusions we draw, start in early childhood. Like many other six-year-olds, I looked to my early interests to inform my career aspirations...
...It's during those times that I remind myself why exactly I'm in this industry...
Not all fun and games: In the midst of these changes, new career opportunities have emerged that demand critical thinking skills; a collision of left and right-brain traits.
Growing up, creative pursuits helped shape my identity & plans for my future...
As I got older, an increasing interest in marketing, PR, digital strategy and social media began to reshape my idea of self...
And while I was asking these questions, Canadian culture was changing. A new digital landscape was emerging, reshaping the way Canadians live & work.
Will I have to relocate to work in this industry? Or with today's technology, can I work anywhere?
What does
look like?
Am I a leader, or
a follower? Can I
be both?
I'm going to be an
artist, author,
painter, singer,
My Personality Traits
With this shift in priorities came tough questions about what my future would profession would entail.
In a digital world, it's important to remember to log off...
Speaking from experience, there are times when a digital detox is required.
to think

I like to think that while we may not be saving lives in our line of work, we might just be saving an imagination or two...
outside the box...
To push the limits of the traditional, & rekindle
creative capacity.
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