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Discuss how British film is distributed to Mass and Niche audience

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max tyler

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Discuss how British film is distributed to Mass and Niche audience

Discuss how british film is distributed to mass and niche audience
Uk Film Council
Uk film council films are made without guarantee of distribution
Without distribution, films dont get seen by the public
Small budget films without guarantee of distribution cant raise a bigger budget so cant attract big stats but with a bigger budget can attract bigger distributors
British films are harder to market, if a film flops the distributor suffers the most
Big 6 Instituions
If film flops they have enough profit from other films to cover the loss and continue making films
They make profit to reinvest in the next film
Uk film distributors alone spend around £300 million a year on bringing new releases to market and building awarness and intrest among audience
This is England
Had their own TV channel to promote the film

Had news paper and magazine companys also to promote film

The Film had Many ratings and reviews to boost the views:

"This is the best british ..... UNMISSABLE" Screenrush
This is... The Best British Film Of The Year. You'll be floored" - total film
"Meadows has created a film to be reckoned with" - Radio Times

Was the first film the be digitally released through D-PLATFORM inatative. Was digitally released in 3 cinemas. So cheaper than being on DVDs

Shane Meadows and This is England have their own website to help distribte the film

Film Festivals and also fan base blogs
Around 90% of th UK population visits the cinema at least once a year but the majority do not go very often. A particular challenge for the industry today is to encourage more frequent cinema going.
Batman - Warner Brothers
Have their own website to help distribute the film
Have their own cinemas so can release their films into their cinemas
They have made it so you can start renting Films via facebook which is a poular social network site
Warner Brothers did digital Distribution and released app editions of Inception and Dark Knight on Iphone, Ipod Touch and Ipad
Specific target audience how a British audience is targeted through the title and the colour of the title (Union jack)
Advertising showing how good the films rating is, lots of marketing Ploys
The Genre and representation of the film is shown through the characters and the background
Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing campaign that relys on individuals rather than traditional campaigns to pass along a message, it is normally used through the internet
Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or text messages.
Warner Bros used viral Marketing on the film "The Dark Night". They set up a website using the catch phrase "Why so Serious" 15 months before the Film was released. The webiste includes games, pictures videos and messages. It was a big game where the joker left messages for people to play.
This type of Campaign would of cost a lot of money and been very time consuming whereas the UK film council can't things like this
Comparing The Budget
The mass film made a much more bigger profit then the niche and also the budget was much more bigger
Films age certificate is much more lower than This is England alowing more people to be able to view it
British Film distributed by One of the big 6 whereas This Is England is funed by UK Film Council
Nice Audience
Uk film Council
Profit thats made goes back into uk film council
funded by national lottery
Company is about releasing good films not about profit
Negative representation, unkown actors
Higher age certificate
Mass Audience
Big 6 Film Institutions
Profit that is made goes back into making another film
Big 6 are all about making profit
Well known actors e.g Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts
Music from the charts
Normaly has an equilibrium, clear start middle and end

Mass audience films have more money to distribute there films in more ways for the audience to see e.g trailers on tvs and try to make a profit from not only films but from selling toys and T-shirts whereas the Uk film council just care about producing good films and not the profit they make from it.
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