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Spanish Speaking Country Project

Olivia & Maya

Olivia D'Andrea

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Speaking Country Project

Maya & Olivia Forms of Government Geographical Makeup Physical Features Population Economy Major Imports & Exports Agriculture Tourism Monetary System Customs & Traditions Religions Major National Holidays Typical Foods 28,750,000 - 28,900,000 people Andes mountains
Maracaibo lowlands
Guiana highlands
Angel Falls
Beaches (La Isla Margarita) Breakfast - Pabellon
Lunch - (Largest Meal) Empandas
Dinner - Tostones Catholic
92% Roman Catholic
8% Protestant or Other EXPORTS IMPORTS Petroleum
Cement Consumergoods
Construction Materials Corn
Pork & poultry
Fish 4.7% of GDP Increased by 49.5%
La Isla Margarita & the capital, Caracas
Angel falls
Beaches and resorts Cinco De Mayo - May 5
Carnival - Before Ash Wednesday
Independence Day - July 5
Simon Bolivar's Birthday - July 24 Bolivar - currency
Paper money
Used to be gold coins and stones Hugo Chávez as president
Federal Presidential Republic
Legislative, Executive, Judicial and Citizens Branch ¡Adiós! Current News in Venezuela President has cancer
Receiving treatment in Cuba
People want a new president
50% of the want him to stay president
50% want him out
Got sworn in in Cuba hospital Background History Discovered by Spanish, colony
Mined for gold and silver
Natives often rebelled, were silenced
Freedom in 1821
Became a Dictatorship
Overthrew dictator in WW1
President Indigenous Groups Around 47 groups of indigenous people
Including the Mako and Arawak people
Constitution recognizes all indigenous people, and has a special chapter for them. Famous Explorers Discovered by Christopher Columbus
Called Venezuela "Paradise on Earth" Languages Spoken Besides Spanish Countless indigenous dialects
English Interesting Facts Geography Has 3 major Andes mountains regions running through
Amazon Rainforest runs through
Borders 3 countries (Guyana, Colombia and Brazil) Simon Bolivar Born in Caracas, Venezuela
Parents died, left with a lot of money
Traveled Europe
Spain came to Venezuela and forced rebels away
Went to Colombia
Retook Venezuela
Helped countries

Flag Yellow - Generosity
Blue - Truth & Loyalty
Red - Braveness
7 stars - the provinces that supported Venezuela's independence
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