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Prianca Little

on 30 April 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Timeline of First African American Athletes at Clemson University
This timeline is focusing on all of the first African American athletes in every varsity sport. This is very important and unique because the main sport that is the focal point of Clemson is football. Mostly, no one knows any of the first African American athletes at Clemson University.
This timeline is designed to switch the views of people who focus on Clemson's sports. The only sport that receives the most recognition at Clemson University is football. In addition there are some sports who still have not had any African American athletes. The timeline will be in chronological order starting the year of 1969 till today.
Craig Mobley 1969
Craig was the first african american athlete at Clemson period, but also the first basketball player. Craid was recruited by Bobby Roberts.He played the first two years at Clemson and decided to focus on academics.
Marion Reeves 1970
Marcus Reeves was the first African American Football player at Clemson University
Wayne Jenkins -1972
Wayne Jenkins was the first African American athlete for cross-country as well as track & field for Clemson University
Clyde Brown - 1973
Clyde Brown was the first African American soccer player at Clemson University.He was named ACC co-player in 1975
Jean Desdunes - 1980
Jean Desdunes was the first tennis player at Clemson University. He was #3 in singles in the ACC championship in the year of 1980.
Ray Williams - 1983
Noel Loban - 1979
Eric Martin - 1995
Princella Lee - 1976
Kim Johnson- 1980
Tonja McClinton - 1992
Names Unknown- 1993
Deliah Arrington - 2000
Name Unknown - 2001
This is the first African American female diver at clemson. TAPS yearbook did not list her name.
Deliah Arrington was the first African American soccer player at Clemson University. She had a great season her sophomore year. She was the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the year and she was second-team all american.
Tonja was the first African American tennis player at Clemson University. There is not much information about her as far as any accomplishments in her sports career at Clemson.
Eric Martin was the first African American male diver at Clemson University. There is not any information on his accomplishments as a diver at Clemson.
This is the first year Clemson started a track team and there were multiple African American female athletes.
Kim was the first volleyball player for Clemson University. There isn't any stats on her performance.
Ray williams was the first African American baseball player at Clemson University. He was a four year starter and made hall of fame.
As of now there has not been an African American athlete for Golf at Clemson University
Princella was the first African American basketball player at Clemson. There isnt much stats on her performance as a lady tiger.
Noel was the first African American wrestler at Clemson University. He had an outstanding career! He went underfeated in dual matches for three years and won the national championship in 1980 and made the hall of fame
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