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Welcome to languagelab

This animation is for new joiner in the Englishcity

ling ling

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to languagelab

Welcome to languagelab
A brief introduction of the English city
You can take English classes with qualified native speaker teachers
All You need to do is to talk in English city by using headset with microphone
You can make friends with people from all over the world.
English City
Voice test
Go to the English city
Your first visit
What you can do in the support area.
It's our support area in the English city
Welcome Area
English city
An online world for English learners
Visit English City every day to meet teachers and other students.
Practice online from your home.
Become fluent quickly by practising regularly.
What i can do in the English city?
What I can do in the English city?
Your study adviser will help you test your voice, please bring your headset
New to our learning system? Your study adviser will help you get started easily with English city
Ready for class? Let's go to English city
How to assess English city
How to book a class
How to walk and fly in the English city?
Improve your speaking and get to the next level in English quickly.
Joining the student group
You need to join the student group to go into English City
Walk and fly in the English city
Learn how to use dashbaord
Your study adviser will show you:
Your study adviser will show you:
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