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Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have 'Perfect' Bodies

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Gabrielle Lovisa

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have 'Perfect' Bodies

Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have 'Perfect' Bodies?
Society's Impact
Media's Impact
- Women and young girls see magazines, television shows, commercials, computer ads, etc promoting "flawless", thin people.
- Airbrush and photoshop technology.
- Compare themselves to those people and models. (Wanting to look as skinny and beautiful as them.)
- Point out their own flaws.
- Setting unnatural and unrealistic body image targets.

Causes from the Impacts
- 20% of girls aged 10-19 are experiencing episodes of major depression.
- In 2005, about one-tenth of teenagers tried to end their lives.
- Self mutilation among teenage girls - cutting, burning, biting, overdosing, and other serious self-injury methods like suicide. (Still increasing today)
- 10% of women and girls suffer from eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, etc. (As young as first graders)
- Girls' aggression and violence on the rise.
- One-fourth of all U.S. teenage girls are suffering from these things.
- Girls all over are changing their bodies.

- The world makes them feel imperfect.

- Society is pressuring, stating they aren't good enough, telling girls they need to be perfect, making them think they need to look like thin, airbrushed models.

- In reality, they are good enough, no matter the shape, size, look, or overall appearance.
What is "Perfect?"
- Definition: being entirely without defect: flawless.

- Is anyone really perfect? Is anyone absolutely flawless?

- "Too skinny," "Too fat," "Too tall," "Too short."

- Society today.
By: Gabrielle Lovisa
- Body image: emotional attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of your own body.

- We are told to be ourselves, be confident with our bodies.

- Still expected to look perfect.

- Influenced by those around us and culture.
- Average weight of model - 23% lower than that of a normal woman.

- According to "Teen Magazine," 27% of young girls alone feel media pressures them.

- According to a College study, 69% of girls feel that magazine models influence their perspective of a perfect body shape.
Works Cited
- 21 year old musician, Demi Lovato, states, "Society puts pressure on people in the spotlight to look a certain way and to stay thin and stay fit. For so long I was saying 'no it doesn't put pressure' but at the end of the day it really does and it's really difficult."
- Famous star, Jessica Simpson, states, "When I was younger, I tried to be skinny. There is so much pressure in today's society to look like the girl on the cover of the magazine. The airbrushing, special lighting, and two hours of hair and make-up sets expectations really high for young girls."
Ex: the "Barbie Doll."
For example...
The Barbie Doll
- Exposed to highly unrealistic images of female bodies.
- Doll teaches young girls to model these images
in their lives.
- Doll is stated to be 5 ' 9 and weigh 110 lbs.
- 35 lbs below healthy weight.
- These proportions would not have necessary body fat to survive.
- Grow 2 feet longer, extend neck by 3.2 in, gain 5 in chest size, and lose 6 in. in waist circumference.
- Not humanly possible.
- Less self-esteem, worse body image, and
stronger desire to be thin from playing
with the dolls.
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