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Max Romero

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of IKEA

History of the IKEA Group

Key dates
1932 - IKEA was founded
1987 - the sustainable development will be defined by the Brundtland Report
1990 - first IKEA' s Sustainable policy
2002 - partnership WWF
2004 - 1st IKEAS' sustainability report
2009 - Removed lead in mirror production
I. Sustainable development a way of life

A) Strong brand Image

B) Integrate a concept as a trademark

C) "A better everyday life"

1) Customer Relationship
2) Collaborators relationship
3) Communication and motivation
4) Partnerships

To what extent Ikea made the sustainable development issue as a way of life ?
"If there is such a thing as good leadership, it is to give a good example. I have to do so for all the IKEA employees."
Ingvar Kamprad

IIn 1990 KEA Became an opinion leader
IKEA influence people to "Consume Responsible"

We will try here to demonstrate to what extent IKEA made the sustainable development issue as a way of life.

We begin it by explaining its history and the concept of sustainability have has way of life, then how IKEA applies this policy, and finally we shall ask us the question of the relevance of its initiative.
II. How Ikea applies this policy sustainable development
III. Challenging about the relevance suitability of this " way of life", the limits of IKEA's model.
A) Environmental dimension : IKEA, an ambiguous identity between involvement in sustainable development issue and business model of economy.
1) Divert of meaning
2) A fashion trend ?
3) Lies ?

B) Social dimension : economic interest comes before public interest : a weak CSR .
1) working condition and legislation different
2) different consumer attitudes
3) The price paid to low-cost

C) The limit of sustainable development
1) IKEA, a globalized company
2) Low cost pressure and the globalized issues
3) IKEA, innovation, participation, precautionary principle

Gwladis Le Doussal
Neya N'dary Fatimetou
Maxime Romero
Celine Serres
Glenn Talayra
Check Vasseko Sanogo

A) Energy and resources
1) Resources: raw materials
2) Renewable energies

B) Sustainable development life

C) People and community

To conclude we should nuances our words because IKEA is a multinational under pressure from their competitors. Nevertheless IKEA had been involve in sustainable development issues since 1990. Even if there are shadow parts about the means used to be more competitiveness. We have to recognize the implication and effort in sustainable issues.

IKEA's model embodies the limit of this concept and underline to be concerned of sustainable development for customers, suppliers and collaborators.
IKEA brings idea of a way of life so the customer's role is to pursue this solution to progress.
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