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KC Peaches Dublin

No description

Artur Grześ

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of KC Peaches Dublin

Improvement of KC Peaches
KC Peaches
Established in 2006
Successful business
Opening new shops
Foreign Owner
Unique mission
Segmentation Targeting Positioning
Business to customer
Customers with higher than average earnings
Modern people who value their well being
Self-aware people who are looking for high-end products during their daily routine
25-60 - age group
Singles, couples, families
Characteristics of the company and product
Customer value:
High-end products
Unique experience
Friendly crew
Atmosphere both for Business and meeting with friends.
Premium pricing
Fitted for modern lifestyle
Great looking product
Better than competitors
Struggling with staying profitable in certain locations
Opening new shops without dealing with current issues
Insufficient amount of promotion
Presence, but lack of efforts on popular social media platforms
Lack of advertising
Infrastructure needs improvements
Premium experience is disturbed by infrastructure issues
Misleading message that company sends to customers
Online activities
Facebook - cheapest way
Google AdWords - biggest reach, paid for clicks
Twitter - quick interactions with followers
Yelp - answering bad reviews, thanking for good ones
Trip Advisor - Loyalty programs taking into account friends of loyal customers
Youtube - channel with content such as cooking school or how to make best coffee
Pinterest - sharing inspirations of great-looking food
Instagram - sharing photos of food and hashtags
527 000 inhabitants
~2000 restaurants
more than 231880 citizens in target group
Average income of 2160eur
Behind the scenes:
Well trained crew
Positive approach of managers
Infrastructure with a lot of places for improvement
Billboards - more expensive but reaching a lot of targeted customers
Flayers and stands - cheap way to attract customers
Free samples - giving taste of the KCP quality
Basic Information
Full name: Artur Grzes
Program: Marketing Management
Name of School: International Business Academy Kolding
Company: KC Peaches
Semester: 4th
Class: 13B
Supervisor: Svend Ole Glüsin
Language: English
High Quality
High Price
Business partnerships
For example hotels
Further developing of catering services
Sustaining relationship with customers
Loyalty programs taking into account friends of loyal customers
Quick promotion among students to increase revenue in critical location
In advertising, KC Peaches should focus on information about the quality of products and taking part in organizations such as fair trade, so the company does not exploit third-world countries.
Possible new entrants backed by corporations
Competitors with lower prices
Recovering economy
No efforts on marketing
Disappearing brand awareness due to the lack of promotion
Loyal customers
Deeper penetration of the market
Online shop
Acquiring larger share of market
Increase in promotion
Quality products
Motivated employees
Wise owner
Willingness to change
Uniqueness of the product
Loyal customers
Borders for new entrants
Company should focus on:
Promoting and advertising
Opening On-Line shop
Themed delivery
Thank you for your attention!
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