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No description

gs students

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Greece

That 7% of the worlds marble comes from Greece
The resouces of Greece
In Greece there resources are marble,clay,nickle,coal,bautixe,oar and chromate. The crops in Greece are corn and other grains and cotton, figs,
olives,oranges,peaches,potatoes,sugar beets,tobaccco and tomatoes.
Greece is a place where there are lots of mountains.
What Greece is known for
Greece is known for its ancient ruins and its greek mythology
What is greeces economy and goverment and religion
Greece is making money from tourisim and food. The prime minister of greece is Alexis Tsras. The religion in greece is Jews, Catholic and Muslims. Greece is a Parliamentary democracy.
Did you know?
The End
This is the end of my presentation. I hope when your around Greece that you will go there.
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