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Facilities for Bayview Prep & Jigsaw Academy

No description

Tom Charboneau

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Facilities for Bayview Prep & Jigsaw Academy

Facilities for Bayside Preparatory and Jigsaw academy Initially, leases will be taken out for housing the independent study classes for Jigsaw academy Leases in the Fremont and Hayward Area are between $950 and $1100 for approximately 1000 sq. feet (all utilities included) The third site, at Sunol, will be an empty portable classroom on the school site. At the beginning of Phase III, approximately 12 classrooms, a band room, and 2 bathrooms will need to be added to the property adjacent to the school, also, the existing cafeteria will need to be enlarged to handle the addition of students. Approximate total cost of expansion is $5 million As the independent study program grows, additional facilities of similar cost will be needed. (Barring inflation) For the 5th year of the plan (3rd year of Bayside Preparatory School), a new school will need to be built to handle increasing enrollment. The new site will have 24 classrooms and house the High School. It will have 2 band/choir rooms A 3 court basketball gym Natural turf football field Arranged in community learning clusters An individual classroom with many details sloping, curved roofs Project based learning and group tables Contoured ceiling allows for high windows Standard in every room Now, let's go for a walk around the facility.
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