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Milton Hershey

No description

Kaspar Lautenbach

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Milton Hershey

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Milton Hershey
A time in 1893 he established the Hershey chocolate company. He quickley got his fascination on milk chocolate. Hershey made trolley systems for his employees and lots of things for his community, and his wealth grew while his company grew.
astonishing 1$ million. Hershey continued to work greatly into his 80s in his factory.
Milton was born in the township of derry in September 13, 1857. As a child he lived on a farm, trailing his father. When he was a child he dreamed of making the world's largest candy factory.
WWW. biography.com/people/milton-hershey-9337133# sypnosis
later years / death
Milton was sad from his wives unexpected death. During world war II he made a tropical chocolate bar. He died on October 13, 1945,Hershey Pennsylvania.
By Kaspar Lautenbach
Milton was famous for discovering chocolate.
Milton had rural school education but... incomplete.
In 1900 the Lancaster caramel company made an
Now everyone can remember
Milton hershey for making a cool candy.
Pebble go
Hershey penn. vacation guide
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