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Vice Magazine Conquers The World

No description

emily beckmann

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Vice Magazine Conquers The World

MAGAZINE HISTORY MAGAZINE PROFILE FINANCING ADVERTISING MULTIMEDIA APPEARANCE „ Vice Magazine started out as a filthy newsprint punk zine in 1994 in Montreal. Now it´s this big, weird, famous, smart, and stupid monthly behemoth that´s published in 22 countries and is so good that people get visibly angry and jealous when they touch it. (...) If you enjoy investigative journalism and witty interviews interspersed with dick jokes, gratuitous nudity, and questionable opinions on how to live one´s life, we suggest you purchase this weighty tome – posthaste.“

- Vice on the Best of Vice Magazine Vol. II 2003-2008 News, Nudity & Nonsense Introduction and Basic Information - free magazine and media conglomerate
- supports itself mainly through advertising
- founded in Montreal/Quebec in 1994
- currently based in New York
- total circulation of 900,000 copies worldwide
- monthly frequency
Czech Republic & Slovakia
New Zealand
South Africa
US History Content „(Vice is) this all-embracing, all-swallowing whore of Babylon.“
- some guy from that band TV on the radio, MP3.com

- spirit of blithe and caustic irreverence
- „Immersionist“ school of journalism→ editorial offices in over 30 countries • Tidbits
• DO's & DON'Ts
• Skinema
• Music Reviews
• Games Reviews
• Vice Fashion
• Spin Me Round - candid photographs of
strangers accompanied by humorous commentary
- spun off into a book Photography

known for using some of the best young and up and coming photographers, like Terry Richardson Special Editions Controversy banned from a number of university campuses „The VICE Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll“ was banned from some bookstores in 2003 „I love being white and I think it´s something to be proud of.(...) I don´t want our culture diluted. We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilate to a Western, white, English-speaking way of life“ „(...) baby boomer media like The New York Times is a laughing stock, and we should do whatever we can to ridicule it“ Gavin McInnes „We´re not trying to say anything politically in a paradigmatic left/right way...We don´t do that because we don´t believe in either side. Are my politics Democrat or Republican? I think both are horrific. And it doesn´t matter anyway. Money runs America, money runs everywhere.“ Shane Smith Financing 2010 Vice had unaudited gross assets of $34.3m and a global circulation of 1.1m readers Virtue in-house advertising agency integrate brands directly into content VBS.tv American Apparel long-term client back cover almost went bankrupt New Investors form an “unholy alliance that will ensure no other media company will ever stand a chance against Vice’s relentless onslaught” Multimedia VICE Guide to ... VBS.tv online television network owned by VICE creative director Spike Jonze original, short-form, documentary-style video content VICE Record Label mainly US market Justice
Bloc Party
Charlotte Gainsbourg Viceland.com 200.550 Facebook fans VICE Blog, VBS.tv , magazine archive and VICE Content Network VICE Events organizes parties for companies such as Smirnoff and Nike next: pop up store closing party for Adidas - Sexist, tasteless, offensive
- Can’t be called journalism
- editorial = commercial - Superfluous, desperatly trying to shock
- German version lacks national subjects, just translates US content Critique VICE Style by Bogi Moritz & Emily Monthly Columns DO's and DONT's antithesis to big office methods
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