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Corruption of Justice! The Crucible!

S.D., S.E., D.F., L.M., AND P.G.

Sammi D

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Corruption of Justice! The Crucible!

The Crucible Corruption Of Justice By: Aurthur Miller Why he wrote it The Play Quotes Modern History Bangladesh 2005 2/3's of 18.8 respondents Bribes of $108 In 2004 "Abby, we've got to tell. Witchery's a hangin' error, a hangin' like they done in Boston ten year ago! We must tell the truth, Abby!.." -Mary Warren, p. 837 Act I "...he has the story in confidence, sir, and he-" - Proctor, p.868 Act III "...The devil lives on such confidences! ( TO DANFORTH) without confidences there could be no conspiracy, Your Honor!.." - Parris, p.868, Act III "...Then see no spirits now, and prove to us that you can faint by your own will, as you claim..." - Parris, p.871, Act III McMartin Preschool Case Manhattan Beach, CA 1986 Child Abuse Case Dangers and difficulties of using Children's testimony "Danforth:Mr. Proctor, I must have good and legal proof that you-
Proctor:You are the high court, your word is good enough! Tell them I confessed myself..."
-Act IV Daniel, Kathleen, et al., eds. Elements of Literature: Fifth Course. Austin:
HoH, Rinehart, Winson, 2003. Print

"Other Well Known Cases." PBS. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2011.

Tyler, Denee. "Witchunts Without Witches." Utah Education Network. N.p., n.d.
Web. 13 Dec. 2011.

McMartin's Preschool. N.d. GIF file.

public domain, "Pioneers in the Settlement of America" by William A. Crafts. Vol. I Boston: Samuel Walker & Company, 1876)

Joseph Raymond McCarthy. N.d. Public Domain. Wikipedia. Web. 14 Dec. 2011.

Ramos1.jpg. 2003. Democracy Now! Web. 14 Dec. 2011. WeeCare Nursery School Trial, Maplewood NJ 1988
Fell Acres Day School, Malden, MA 1986-1987
child abuse cases in where the child witnesses testify in unusual and maybe unfair ways Rev. Nathaniel Grady and The Bronx Five, NY 1985-1986
Alberto Ramos accused and convicted of raping 5yr. old even though it was denied and there was an explanation for it.
“indictment so vague, impossible to prepare adequate defense” Dale Akik Spring Valley, CA 1993
parents of said abused children interfere to make ruling in court unfair for accused Fear warped the judgment so justice was corrupted
Senator McCarthy’s brashness and jumping to conclusions messed up correct fairness
Questioners disregarded the accused communist’s basic rights and freedoms
Assumptions were made that the Democrats were the communists
Some truth but not the whole truth was in the fears of communism
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