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riding route 66

No description

Yong Xu

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of riding route 66

discover the story of
Shawn Lee
a man, wants to conquer everywhere, with his bike
Route 66
a road, has never been really conquered
Jing Huang
a man, who only respects his own perspective, through the lens
Route 66
a road, was born to be respected
and your
the road welcomces you
... to explore it
with your...
cover the most legendary distance
with a will from the seductive bicycle kingdom
souls, washed
eyes, opened
when history was recorded
a new adventure starts
that makes people move forward
discover the most seductive highway culture
with a faithful heart to a camera legend
when a legend impacts another
when a legend impacts another...
i see things differently
even in a traditional way...
in May 2014
the Chinese has crossed Canada, Tibet and many other places
Yong Xu,
a man with his Rolleiflex...
because only a bigger format, can catch RT66's big
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