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Nika Hlavenkova

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of FOCUS GROUP

Focus Group
Why focus group?
"As objects, women are denied autonomy and presented as perpetually accessible, something to toy with, something to possess, something to be consumed."
why this question?
Adams, 2003, cited in Caputi, 2008 p. 47-48
Generally, in advertising, women are represented:
to find out what a global feminist movement has done with women's perception of sexuality in advertising
how women react to sexualisation in advertising
what impact it left on their perception of their own sexuality
Topic Guide
Tell me more about who inspires you, to whom do you look up.
What magazines do you read?
Have you ever copied the style, hairstyle or make up of any model, celebrity or famous person?
Have you ever bought something based on advert or recommendation of a famous personality?
Tell me your opinion, do you think that, at some point, adverts stay in your unconsciousness?

/images to be handout/ How do you feel about them? What crosses your mind?
What is role of women in advertising?
Do you think that body image is necessary/unnecessary in the sense of getting an attention?
What do you feel about the women portrayed in the pictures?
What is your attitude towards feminism?

How would you attract a man you like?
How would you get ready?
Tell me your opinion, does it matter how you look?
Have you ever felt that you need to increase sex-appeal in order to get attention?
Do you think that society puts pressure on women to appear sexy at some point?
to find out how they are influenced by media
to find out their opinions and reactions about sexualisation in advertising
to find out if their opinions match their actions
"...people revealed sensitive information when they felt they were in a safe, comfortable place with people like themselves."
Merton, 1956, cited in Krueger and Casey, 2009, p.3
which contains:
"a trained moderator who sets the stage with prepared questions or an interview guide
the goal of eliciting participants' feelings, attitudes and perceptions about a selected topic"
age 18-29
highly educated
from different backgrounds and cultures
participants have really strong role models - family members, women who are doing charity work, YouTube personalities who are doing what they want to do

participants do not blindly follow new trends and media, they do like to make their own decisions

participants reacted to the shown ads using words like: horrible, terrible, sexualised, objectified, humiliating

the most used and consistently repeated word was an OBJECT

participants do not put extra effort to their physical appearance, they value more their personalities

from their perceptions, sex-appeal comes from within

they think that sexualisation in advertising is outrageous and it can cause many problems in everyday life
Handouts discussed by participants
modern women think that women are too sexualised, objectified in advertising and something should be done about it

they share the opinion that sexualisation could cause serious problems in society

women are not objects and consequently, they should not be treated as such

sexualisation changes the way, how the society looks at them, rather than, how they look at themselves
focus group
participants contributed equally on the discussion
participants carried out the discussion
moderator stayed away from discussion
participants felt comfortable and so many useful insights were gathered
Caputi, J., 2008.
A (Bad) Habit of Thinking: Challenging and Changing the Pornographic Worldview.
In: S. Abel, M. deBruin and A. Nowak, ed. 2010. Women, Advertising and Representation. Cresskill : Hampton Press. pp. 43-69.

Gill, R., 2007.
Gender and the media.
Cambridge : Polity.

Krueger, R. A., and Casey, M. A., 2009.
Focus groups : a practical guide for applied research.
4th ed. London : SAGE.

Puchta, C., and Potter, J., 2004.
Focus Group Practice.
London : SAGE.
Vaughn, 1996, cited in Puchta and Potter, 2004, p. 6
Thank you for your attention.
This representation caused many feminist critiques:
"..feminists had identified advertising as one of the key sites for the production of sexist imagery. Throughout the subsequent decades women voiced their anger about being treated like objects to be visually consumed"
Gill, 2007, p. 83
Molly: "It is so sexualized, isn't it?"
Patricia: "That is horrible."
Sanju: "They are just objects."
Alina: "Women are just too objectified. And nowadays, the rule is the less you were, than more attractive you are..."
Molly: "I have found them quite offensive."
Participants' Reactions
Key words
horrible and terrible
"I would just be me."
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