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Japan to Apple's iPhone: "No Thanks!"

Group 8 Case Presentation 4/22/10

George Borden

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Japan to Apple's iPhone: "No Thanks!"

Japan to Apple's iPhone: "No thanks!"
Group 8 case Presentation
Linda Amaral
George Borden
Kevin Guerreiro
Matthew Landers
Leah Vandale
In early '08, Apple projects 1 million 3G iphones will be sold in Japan Later that year, revised estimates puts the number at 1/2 that
saying only 500,000 will be sold. Why isn't the iPhone that popular in Japan? 3g access has been a standard feature on Japanese cell phones for several years
Japanese consumers feel they would have a problem getting use to a touch screen
No "emoji" Mobile phones in Japan also allows consumers
to use their cell phones as debit cards and train
passes Set the pace for third-generation networks in 2001 The iPhone does not have EMOJI How will the iPad do in Japan? Runs on 3G
Completely Touch Screen Do you think the iPad will succeed in Japan? iPhone 3G popularity in U.S. Went on sale to public market in 3rd quarter of 2008
Blackberry Storm diminishes in popularity
Imitators stand no chance in regaining market share "Blackberry and Palm"
App introduction for iPhone continues their sustainable competitive advantage

Questions How do you feel about the application Emoji? Is the Japanese cell phone market similar to the cell phone markets in other countries? Conclusion Reasons why iPhone & iPad
unsuccessful in Japan. Technology
Market Entry
Product Differentiation Japan's current cell phone market Fixated on cell phone comm.
Huge importance in their lives
TM: females from ages 12-40

Japan's cell phone providers dominated by:
New phones sell upward to $300.
While slightly out of date can sell
for as low as $7. Android being launched in late April in Japan
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