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The Adoration of Jenna Fox Timeline

No description

Shuya Xu

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of The Adoration of Jenna Fox Timeline

By: Shuya Xu 9F
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Meets Mr Blender
Nearly drowns in creek
First memory comes back
Remembers friends
Attending School
Car accident
Community project
Remembers: Driving with no license
New character/information
Clayton Blender: Neighbor, environmental artist, friendly
Jenna: History buff
Kara and Locke: Friends from before the accident
Mother's name: Claire
Father: Bio Gel
New characters/information
Mr Blender took another person's identity
Ethan, Allys, Dane and Gabriel: Classmates
The closet secret
Jenna Angeline Fox
Three computers
Deep cut
Lives in California
Awake for two weeks
Starts watching videos of her life

Author: Mary E Pearson
The End
Thank-you for listening!
The waking of Jenna Fox
New Characters
Mother: Seems carefree, enthusiastic and loving
Grandmother (Lily): Cold
Father: Adores daughter, works in Boston
The Truth
The important ten percent- The Butterfly
Fox BioSystems
Lab skin
Bio Gel
Replicated skeletal structure
Nanobots and neural chips
Character information
Ethan: Fought for his brother
Jenna: Artificial limbs, ten percent brain, trusts Ethan
Destruction of Back-ups
Kara and Locke’s back up
Clearly remembers the accident
No more backups
Allys: Terribly sick, figures out Jenna's secret of being 'illegal'
Mr Blender: Real name is Edward, friend of Jenna's father
Lily: Supportive and loves Jenna
Saving Allys
Allys' parents beg for the Fox family for help
Allys and Jenna lives for two hundred and sixty years
Society accepts Bio Gel
New characters/ More information
Kayla: Jenna's daughter
Ethan: Jenna's husband, past away
Allys and Jenna: Traveled to create awareness about people like themselves, old women in teenagers skin
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