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Superflex and the 5-Step Power Plan

No description

Nicole Meshbesher

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Superflex and the 5-Step Power Plan

Superflex and his 5
Power Pack Buddies!

"Hi! I'm Decider. I help you to Stop, Decide, and Describe."
Power #1
"Hi! Who remembers my name??"

"I help you to use your _____, ears, and your _______ to find out the clues around you."
Power #2
"Hi! My name is Brakester. I will help you to STOP and THINK about the hidden rules."
Power #3
"Hi! My name is Flex-Do-Body. I help you to use flexible thinking and do what's expected!"
Power #4
Power #5
"Hi! My name is Cranium Coach. I tell you when you're doing a good job!"
"Hi Rock Brain Buster, Robotic Man, and Brain Man!"
"Welcome Quinn!"
"I'm going to take you on a drive to learn about my 5 Power Pack buddies! They each have a cool power you will need to learn as part of your superhero training!"
"Your job is learn more about each one of my 5 Power Pack Buddies.

Make sure you listen carefully as Dr. Mighty Mesh & Super OT help you learn more about each one of them."

"Ready, Set, Go!!"
Your Assignment
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