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Peter Brownrigg, A True Hero

No description

Kiara Blake

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Peter Brownrigg, A True Hero

Peter Brownrigg, A True Hero
Some points that qualify Mr. Brownrigg to be a true hero are; he is courageous, he is persistent and most importantly, he is selfless. Now, most people are not selfless, which makes this a big factor of being a hero. To be selfless is to have little or no concern for oneself. Something, which is not common within mankind.

This is a song, that I thought fit Peter Brownrigg very well. This song is called 'Hero' by Skillet. Some lyrics are, "I'm just a step away, I'm a just a breath away. Losing my faith today (falling off the edge today). I am just a man, not superhuman (I'm not superhuman). Someone save me from the hate. It's just another war, just another family torn (falling from my faith today). Just a step from the edge
just another day in the world we live..."
Peter Brownrigg is a true hero, all characteristics are jammed packed into a very dynamic character. It definitely had me biting my nails throughout the story.

Many of you know of heroes such as Spiderman and Batman, but today, I'll be teaching you about a more unknown hero. Here is the tale of, Peter Brownrigg.
"It was hot in the chest, but I was afraid to come out. I could never be sore, even if there was silence around me..." (Trease 48-49). In this, Peter portrayed his heroic characteristics by, not wanting to stay in the chest, but staying in the chest in order to protect the identities of the persons involved in tearing down Sir Philip Mortons wall.
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