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Psychoanalytic Timeline in the UK

To give summer school students a sense of psychoanalysis and clinical psychology in the UK context.

Dr Jay Watts

on 15 September 2018

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Transcript of Psychoanalytic Timeline in the UK

UK Psychoanalytic Timeline
Dr Jay Watts
Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist/Academic/@Shrink_at_Large
1880s Anna O and Breuer, Hysteria, hypnosis, Charcot.

1890s ten years of "splendid isolation" after Breuer

1895 ‘The Project for a Scientific Psychology’ published. Focus on the Oedipal, language and drives

1901 British Psychological Society established

1902 Freud’s Psychological Wednesday Society (Stekel, Adler, Kahane and Reitler)

1908 First Congress for Freudian Psychology - renamed the International Psychoanalytic Association in 1910. Jung resigned from IPA, and the Zurich Society withdrew relabelling what they did ‘analytic psychology’. That was the end of the tie.

1914 Jung and Freud’s relationship has broken down. War neurosis and shell shock.

1919 British Psychoanalytic Council established - egalitarian.

The 20s to the Early 40s
1920s Focusing on mothering as opposed to paternal authority.
Watson's Behavioual Therapy.

1921 Moreno organises ‘Theate of Spontaneity’ in Vienna - here starts Psychodrama. Rorsach Tests.

1925 Strachey meets Klein in Berlin and invites her to speak

1927 Anna Freud publishes first book. Klein attacks Anna Freud’s book.
30s Winnicottian ideas of child rearing become very important in the war.

1938 War mean the Freuds and Klein were together in the same society.

1941 Atmosphere dreadful. Agreement to hold ‘The Controversial Discussions’. Klein almost kicked out of IPA.

A Group - original british and the Kleinians. More on phantasy.

B Group - initially called the Anna Freudians (later the Contemporary Freudians). More on strenghtening the ego.

Original British members called the “non-aligned’ or “middle group” (later changed to ‘The Group of Independents’). Basically the Winnicottians. More on experience.

BPS starts to emphasise 'man machne' studies
From the 60s to the 80s
1960s Cognitive Therapies start

1961 The Pill made available

1962 Lacan expelled from the IPA

1965 Philadelphia Association started by R.D.Laing and Joseph Berke

1970 Establishment of Arbours Community, and therapeutic community. Behavioural Assessments become prominent.

1971 Foulkes instrumental in starting up Institute for Group Analysis

1972 First CT scan

1973 Homosexuality removed from DSM

1980 First MRI scan. Shift to DSM-III

1982 Association for Play Therapy started

From the 90s to Now
1990 NHS and Community Care Act - health authorites buy own budget --> 1991 NHS Trusts established.

1990s False memory arguments really kick off - Loftus and Ofshe’s work

1992 World Association of Psychoanalysis established

1993 UKCP is established containing 70 member organisations placed into sections including the CPJA - Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis

2002 Primary Care Trusts established. 04 Foundation trusts. NICE.

2009-11 Improving Access to Psychological Therapies rolled out.

00s Mentalisation movement kicks off, linked to Ego Psychology. Don’t interpret the transference versus a movement to increasingly seeing interpreting the transference as gold star.

10s BPC incorporates more Member Organisations to solidify under attack. Launch of position statement on homosexuality (2011).

From 1880s to 1920
From the 40s to the 50s

1942 Foulkes (later more IGA) and Bion (later more Tavi) posted to Military Neurosis Centre at Northfield and begins to develop group analysis

1946 National Health Service Act saw beginning of the NHS
1948 NHS is born
1949 Boulder conference to professionalize clinical psychology

1951 Foulkes starts Group Analytic Society

1952 Prescription charges started. First DSM.

1953 DNA Structure revealed

1954 Daily hospital visits allowed for kids

1955 Klein publishes the ‘The Psychoanalytic Play Technique’
Pre Freud
460-379 BC Hippocrates - mania, melancholia and the humours

1403 Establishment of Bedlam

1621 Burton publishes 'The Anatomy of Melancholy'

1793 Pinel - Treatment of Asylum Inmates

1820 Gall - Getting your head read

1879 Wilhelm Wundt - First Psych lab

1890 William James - The Principles of Psychology
1950s Three groups now quite independent, Skinner and Pavlov's Learning Theory becomes prominent.
Before we look at current services and training in the UK:
- what differences are there between the UK and the USA
- does psychoanalysis have a role in clinical psychology today
- what would you want an clinical psychology to provide for you or your loved ones
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