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Online Discussion!?

No description

Jennifer Sanders

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of Online Discussion!?

Forum discussions--
How can I get the most out of the experience?

How do I do this?
Forums are the weekly course discussion. Our forums are the way to assess participation in class. It is also a way for you to share what you learned from the readings and consider how to apply them to professional and personal situations for increased success. This is where you will really dig into the theory and course content in your program.

Showcase what you have learned.
Interact with your peers.
Prepare you for defending your research ideas at an academic level.
Further the conversation and develop a learning community of peers.
Develop critical thinking and questioning skills.
Steps 1 & 2:
1. Review the
Forum Grading Rubric
and ask any questions of your instructor.

2. Read all of the week's lesson and the
textbook readings.
Step 3:
3. Read the
Full Description
of the week's forum and take note of each part and each question you will need to address.
Steps 4 & 5:
Step 6:

6a. Throughout the week, respond to at least 3 other students for maximum point possibility.

6b. Respond to my questions that I leave on your thread.

6c. Manage your thread by answering follow up questions from your classmates.
Step 7:

7a. Ask the
critical thinking questions
to really push each other to dig deeper into the topic and reflect on what it means and how it can make a difference for you as a student and a professional.

7b. Remember to
always use a professional tone and follow proper Netiquette Guidelines.
4. Read the
Getting Started post
and any posts classmates that have already made. This way you have guidance from me and know what has already been brought up by your classmates so you do not repeat what they have already said.

5. Draft your Initial Response for the week by addressing all parts of the prompt and answering all questions and post by Thursday. For maximum point possibility,
reference the readings
from the week and include your own thoughts on the topic.
Step 8:

Read all posts from me
, I will provide tips and address questions you may not even know you had. Review my responses to your classmates. I offer tips and additional things to consider that you will find helpful in your own work.

8b. Make all replies to classmates and me
no later than Sunday night
Press the "Play" Button below to begin, it will then move through the presentation automatically. Don't forget to turn up you speakers or put on your headphones!
Forum Rubric
Still have questions? Send me you any questions through the classroom message and join me for my live office hours. Check the syllabus for days and times.
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