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on 29 May 2017

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Transcript of .

Pi is awesome
By Angus Ritossa
1: Why I chose to do pi

2: What is pi?

3: What did I already knew

4: What I have learned

5: How I made the model

6: Chudnovsky Algorithm

I chose pi for the following reasons:

Pi is equal to approximately 3.1415926535...
Pi is used to work out lots of things
Pi is sometimes known as Archimedes constant
Pi is known to 10 000 000 000 050 digits
What I already knew
What I learned
How I made my model
How to calculate pi using infinite series and the chudnovsky algorithm.
How to calculate the nth digit of pi.
Many surface area and volume formulas.
Many cool facts about pi.
I used wood, polystyrene shapes and glue.
I glued the shapes to the wood and glued the wood to more wood
I forgot to measure and it became too small
Works with everything required
It is a very interesting subject
I didn't know enough about it
What is pi?
Pi is an irrational number
It is used to work out many things to do with circles
It was first discovered by the Egyptians and Babylonians at around the same time
It was first known as 25/8 and (16/9)^2
The symbol has been used since the mid-18th century
The perimeter of the great pyramid of Giza over the height is approximately 2pi
Thanks for watching!

Pls stop stalking me on the interwebs
Time to watch a video about the Chudnovsky Algorithm!
I hope you enjoyed it!

Pls enjoy this prezi I made in year 6
I added this 20/7/15. 2 days before pi approximation
day 2015.
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