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William Shakespeare

J. Mitchell Davis (G) English I William Shakespeare Display

Chad Fitzsimmons

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of William Shakespeare

................1564.........................1582..............................1592.................................1597.............................1616........... Shakespeare is born in Stratford
with 7 siblings Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway Shakespeare moves from Stratford to London Romeo and Juliet is written 1595 Romeo and Juliet is published 1597 Timeline Shakespeare dies in Stratford, his last work published in 1610 The Life and Times of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare The Shakespeare Mystery Comedies and Tragedies Tragedies Comedies Macbeth Hamlet King Lear Othello Romeo and Juliet Antony and
Cleopatra As You Like It The Merry Wives of Windsor The Comedy of Errors Plays which end happily; often taken to extremes, with throw-away characters, convoluted plots, and wordplay, and light treatment of serious issues Shakespeare believed many tragedies lacked depth or purpose; his tragedies often revolve around a flawed, noble character, whose flaws lead to his demise Influence on English Before Shakespeare, English was considered a speaking language, and was rarely used in writing by anyone except the uneducated (due to limited vocabulary and simplicity) Grammar and Style Coined New Terms Coined New Phrases You as a Subject You as an Object aerial, amazement, suspicious, road, eventuful, critical, dwindle (all stemming from Neologism or original invention) Two main theories exists concerning the identity of William Shakespeare: the traditional Stratfordian Theory and the Oxfordian Theory Most widely regarded theory and supported by the historical records Stratford Oxford Prevailing alternative view; suggests Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, and solves all the problems of the Stratfordian Theory, and has a motive to hide identity (not wanting royalty to find him writing for commoners) A Mitchell Production Shakespeare divides his time between London and Stratford Problems: no surviving manuscripts, profound understanding of courtroom procedure (which Shakespeare could not have had), born to illiterate parents, had illiterate children, only handwriting found is on six legal documents (none of which relates to plays or poetry) Problems: de Vere may have died in 1604 (after which, several plays were published), not supported by conjectural records Beginnings of English wordplay ‘one fell swoop’, ‘naked truth’, ‘fair play’, ‘mind’s eye’, ‘break the ice’, 'sounds Greek' In his Lifetime the Black Plague, Protestant Reformation, riots, and wars threatened his life.
Six of his seven siblings died to the Black Plague.
Attended a public grammar school, but did not furthur his education afterwards.
Had 3 children with Anne Hathaway.
Lived under both Queen Elizabeth I and King James I.
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