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Patriot Act

No description

Toxic Grasshopper

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Patriot Act

The USA PATRIOT Act History September 11, 2001 attacks

President Bush -> "War on Terrorism"

United and Strengthening America by
Providing Appropriate Tools Required
to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism

The "USA PATRIOT Act" Patriot Act - First Glance Increasing the ability to search telephone, e-mail
communications, medical, financial, and other records.

Easing the restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering
within the United States.

Expanding the authority to regulate financial transactions, particularly those involving foreign individuals and entities.

Broadening the discretion in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorist-related activities.

Patriot Act - Under a Microscope
National Security Letters (NSLs) with "gag order"

"Suspicion" rather than probable cause

Delayed notice search warrants

No jurisdictional boundaries
Report spending $10,000 or more in cash

No attorney-client confidentiality

Secret military tribunals

Electronic Communications Theo Bruton Patriot Act Abuse More than half of 47,000 NSL requests targeted at U.S. citizens
The Washington Post

330 "suspected terrorists" charged with crimes

55% no "demonstrated connection" to terrorism

Only 14% convicted of terrorist or national security crimes CBS News/New York Times poll "How much have you heard or read about the USA PATRIOT Act...?"

"Some" - 28%

"Not Much" - 28%

"Nothing so Far" - 29%

Total = 85% U.S.A. v. Rajib Mitra graduate student at the University of Wisconsin

transmitted a radio signal that jammed communications for police, fire, ambulance

Section 814 of the USA PATRIOT Act

Sentenced to a prison term of eight years
Mayfield v. U.S.A. Brandon Mayfield - a U.S. citizen, Army veteran, and member of the Oregon State Bar
FBI monitored on "suspicion" under Patriot Act:

-recorded family’s private conversations

-followed them

-entered house and law office

-copied private documents

-over 300 pictures taken of inside the house
Spying was legal though Mayfield innocent, $2 million payment from the government
Doe v. Ashcroft "John Doe”-> name given to the unknown ISP

Through the Patriot Act received an NSL with a “gag order"

ACLU filed lawsuit on behalf of Doe

Law was changed to include disclosure where: “necessary to comply with the request or an attorney to obtain legal advice or legal assistance with respect to the request”
Patriot Act in Texas - Bjarnason arrest (El Paso)

- Scarecrow Bandits (Dallas)

- Exinia Arrest (Houston) Conclusion 1. Explicit definitions of the provisions and terms within the USA PATRIOT Act

2. Declare an actual sunset date which the USA PATRIOT Act will no longer be active

3. Better media coverage and public education about the USA PATRIOT Act
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