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LopezVicu News

No description

Marina Figueras

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of LopezVicu News

Christma's workshops
It is possible to find the true love in adolescence?
Opinion :
The day before starting our Christmas holidays, we did some workshops at school. You could try two, and you had to pay 50 cent. for each to collaborate with a solidary project of school, the Cuba project.
The workshops were organized by the students and the teachers. There were a lot such as manicure, hip-hop, soap, cupcakes, yoga...It was very funny and entertaining.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Pajama's day
Pisces: Sometimes, you worry too much about others and not about yourself. Start worrying for those who worry about you.
LopezVicu News
The best way to predict the future is to design it.
-Buckminster Fuller
Alvaro, 17:
"No, I think that adolescence is the
period when you start discovering love,
you need to go through many
relationships before finding the true
love. In addition, technology makes
this much more difficult because it
creates insecurity and distance
between the couple"
Marta, 16:
"Yes, my parents started dating when
they were 16 and they are still together
nowadays. It depends on the person
and the commitment that you have on
the relationship. I agree that it is
difficult to find, but it's not impossible.
It's all about trying with effort."
On February 4th, the students of
batxillerat 1st, decided to go to school
with their pajamas on to celebrate
carnival's day. Even the teachers
wore theirs!
It was a crazy day, some people
wore it directly from their houses and
some others changed their clothes at
school, because they didn't want to
wear the pajama in the metro or

If do you like the technology and science, best expo ever on CCCB,
Capricorn: You like well-done things and you hate leaving things unfinished.
TOP 10 music records!
2.Hardwell (feat.Jake Reese): Mad world
Sagittarius: You're not a liar but, surprisingly, when you lie you usually have a good reason to do it.
3.Robin Schulz (feat: Francesco Yates): Sugar
Scorpio: You give everything, but you always have a second choice.
4.Tiesto&Oliver Heldens (feat. Natalie La Rose): Right Song
1.Oliver Heldens&Tiësto: Wombass
Libra: You use your charisma to get what you want and if you don't you won't stop fighting.
5.Justin Bieber: Sorry
Virgo: Your personality is characterized by your common sense.
Leo: Leo will show bravery even in the most dangerous situations.
Cancer: You are so intuitive.
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