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Stolen by Lucy Christopher

No description

Erica Scoville

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
Other Themes Found in this Novel
Mental health (Stockholm Syndrome)
Isolation/ Alienation
Loss of innocence
Loss of freedom
Love vs. Lust
Broken Family
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Video: "The Health Guru"

Prezi by Erica Scoville
Plot Summary
Sixteen year old Gemma is at an airport traveling from Thailand, on her way home to England. Whilst waiting for her flight she goes to a coffee shop in the airport where she meets Ty, an older guy who's attention she has caught. He buys and drugs her coffee and she wakes up in the middle of an Australian Desert with Ty. He explains he has brought her there because he wants to be with her, and expects her to fall in love with him. After numerous attempts of escaping Gemma begins to accept and even enjoy the situation she is in. She has fallen in love with Ty. Then one day she gets bitten by a snake, and with her life on the line Ty brings her back to civilization and to a hospital so she can get the medical attention she desperately needs. At the hospital Ty is caught and arrested for the kidnapping of Gemma. At the end, Gemma is told by doctors that she doesn't really love Ty, and that those feelings are actually symptoms of "Stockholm Syndrome".
Main Characters
The snake: the snake that bites Gemma represents freedom because the bite results in her being rushed to the hospital, and returning to society.
Their house: represents their isolation from the rest of the world- the house itself is physically isolated from any civilization.
The camel: Ty captures a camel in the novel. He brings it back to their home and both Ty and Gemma form a bond with it, as if it was a pet, but eventually he releases it.This is a symbolic metaphor for Gemma's kidnapping, the bond/love that forms between Gemma and Ty and the eventual release of Gemma at the end of the novel.
Opinions on the Novel
I personally enjoyed this novel. I have to side with the unpopular opinion on whether or not Gemma really loved Ty by saying I do believe she was genuinely in love with Ty. She was with Ty for quite some time, and even being with just one person for a short time you can grow attached to them. Although at first she was with him unwillingly, by the end of the novel she didn't want to be without him. Obviously I don't condone kidnapping someone in order for them to fall in love with you, but in this novel you see their relationship evolve and that is why I don't believe she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.
Theme Statement
I believe that the theme statement of this book is that when you are isolated and only in the presence of one person you will grow attached to them and begin to love them.

In this book, the type of love Gemma has for Ty is romantic. Although she doesn't isolate herself from everyone else except for Ty intentionally, and the circumstances of the situation indicate that the love Gemma has for Ty isn't real and she is just experiencing Stockholm Syndrome this theme statement still applies to the novel.
Gemma Toombs:
Gemma is a sixteen year old girl from England. Before she was kidnapped she lead a typically normal life. She falls in love with Ty while isolated with him in their deserted home. By the end of the book she is diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is also known as "Capture-bonding" and is when a person being held hostage develops feelings of affection towards their captor.

Ty MacFarlane:
Ty is a very troubled 24 year old man. He ran away from his home in Australia at a young age and lived off the land.He built the house in the desert that he brings Gemma to and enjoys the sheltered life. He saw Gemma when she was younger and instantly fell in love with her- it was not a random kidnapping. He had stalked her for many years before the kidnapping.

What is Stockholm
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