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Harms of Industrial Farming

No description

Laura Ramirez

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Harms of Industrial Farming

Thesis Statement: If Americans make an effort to buy organic products, there'd be less pollution as a result of choosing organic products. Studies have shown that children exposed to certain pesticides suffer from:
-Lower IQ's.
-Potentially greater risk of autism.
-Acute effects such as vomiting, seizure, and even death. Each year almost 1 Billion lbs. of pesticides are sprayed into fields and orchards around the country. Pollutants like industrial farm waste, have an unimaginable negative impact on its surrounding neighbors causing
-Contaminates streams rivers, and lakes
-Pollutes water supplies
-Releases noxious gasses into the air
-Causes respiratory illness and other health problems The 1920's was the beginning of industrial farming
-Vitamins A & D added to feed
-Exercise & sun no longer needed
-Animals kept in crowed spaces
-Use of antibiotics became a necessity Overcrowded & unsanitary living conditions made it easy for farm animals to be susceptible to disease
- E. coli(Escherichia Coli)is spread from animals to humans, when the food is contaminated by manure
-Camplyobacters (most common)one strain is responsible for 91% of human illnesses
-Salmonella, primarily spread through eggs, poultry, meat and milk.Once infected, can cause fever and diarrhea
-Bovine spongiform encephalopathy(BSE) popularly known as mad cow disease, is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy(TSE) ocurred when cutting corners in animal feed, farmers added meat and bone as a substitute Stats
-In the U.S. foodborne diseases cause approx. 76 mill. illnesses 325,000 hospitalizations, 5,000 deaths
-Known pathogens(viruses) account for 14 mil. illnesses 60,000 hospitalizations and 1,800 deaths
-Experts report 70% of diarrhoeal disease(2nd leading cause of deaths in children under 5 years of age) may be caused by food
-One factory farm creates more pollution than Houston- 4th largest state in the United States Each year, 20 mil. pounds of antibiotics are used for livestock
-For weight gain
-Prevent disease
*Hormones are proven to cause cancer and other health related problems for humans
*Other countries refuse to trade- loss of capital- due to results of hormones on humans REFERENCES

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YouTube,. (Producer), & EarthJustice,. (Director). (2010). Pesticides in the Air, Kids at Risk. United States Factory farm owners need to find organic alternatives to benefit the health of their consumers. When the waste produced by farm animals in industrial farms exceeds the amount of land readily available to absorb it. The manure can become extremely toxic. If you've ever experienced difficulties breathing or had the stomach flu, the involvement of industrial farming is HIGH. Industrial farm workers share the same illnesses in result of working with the unbearable conditions. Everyday that passes, the jeopardy of innocent lives of humans and animals are at stake. This is why by making small changes, Americans can better the future of tomorrow. Each of these farm employes work an average of 50-60 hrs per week, which can make anyone helplessly susceptible to these common illnesses in their field of work: Mental illness, respiratory problems, and ongoing stress injuries. (Nierenberg, D. Garces, L., 2005)gives a brief review what the air quality for those working in industrial animal farms "'organic soup' of allergens, including insect feces, animal and bird feces, animal skin and hair particles, pollen, antibiotics, feed components and pesticides." Harms of Industrial Farming- How Americans Can Avoid Further Destruction

Laura Ramirez
DeVry University
Professor Sheri McClure-Baker
English 135: Advanced Composition
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