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Career Pathways....

No description

Rachel Schornak

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Career Pathways....

Career Pathways....

Health Care Careers
There are more than 250 different health care careers to choose from
educational requirements vary from state to state and from career to career
Levels of Education
Associates Degree - awarded by a technical school or community college. Usually 2 years of schooling
How can we tell if someone has the right training?
Credentials are the letters or abbreviations after someones name that tells us if they are competent.
Types of Credentials
- the person has fulfilled the requirements of education and performance of a particular association. Usually a 4-6 month course, could be longer. (Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Dental Assistant)
What do you see in your future?
Bachelor's Degree - awarded by a college or university. 4 years of schooling.
Master's Degree - 2 more years of work beyond a Bachelor's degree.
Doctoral Degree - usually 2 more years beyond a Master's, could be 4-6 though.
- regulated by a State Board or professional association that maintains a "registry" list of qualified people. (Registered Dietitian, Registered Respiratory Therapist)
- careers that require licensure vary from state to state. Must compltete an approved educational program, pass a state board and maintain certain standards. (Physician, Dentist, Physical Therapist)
After completing the appropriate number of years of schooling, you will now have one of the following levels of training.

Aide or Assistant
Technologist or Therapist
What are the
National Health Care Skill Standards
Answer in your notes please :)

a set of expectations that were developed to indicate the knowledge and skills that are expected of health care workers.
Health care careers can be categorized into one of the following 5 pathways...
Therapeutic careers in health care are directed toward changing the health status of the patient over time.
Health Informatics Careers
careers that involve the documentation of patient record and health information.
Examples: Medical Transcriptionist, Admitting Clerk, Health Information Administrator, Epidemiologist
careers that help create a therapeutic environment to provide patient care.
Examples: Central Supply workers, housekeeping, Biomedical engineers
Biotechnology Research and Development
involved with using living cells and their molecules to make useful products.
Examples: Biological Scientists, Forensic Scientists
Therapeutic Services

Dental Hygienist
Speech Therapist
Diagnostic Services
diagnostic careers are those that help create a picture of the health status of a patient at a single point in time
1. Therapeutic Service
2. Diagnostic Services
3. Health Informatics
4. Support Services
5. Biotechnology and Research
National Health Care Skills
What are they?
Support Services
Food Services
Biomedical Engineer
Athletic Trainer
Does your career match your personality?
Happy you!
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