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Data Driven Communication

IOM uses state of the art visualization tools for efficient external and internal communications. This presentation shows how websites, blogs, e-newsletters and social media are part of a rich ecosystem of communications that visualizes key data

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Transcript of Data Driven Communication

Data Driven
User friendly
Visually enhanced
Intuitive navigation
Project Monitoring
Feedback loops and live monitoring of projects
Online communications tool that generates feedback loops for projects anywhere in the world and in any language. It delivers real-time monitoring of projects by generating and visualizing data from beneficiaries.
Maptastic! Disaster Risk Reduction in pilot stage
- Dominican Republic
- Philippines
Specialized Websites
Project Feedback Toolkits
Frictionless Donations
Appealing to non-traditional donors
Fund raising for typhoon Bopha
Logos explain IOM's role, CCCM, shelter, health, info
Donation tracker explains how donations result in real outcomes when given to IOM
IOM's one click "frictionless" donation

Beneficiary communications,
Feedback & Monitoring
AVRR Toronto
Projects underway
Migration Profiles Digitized
Migration Report Digitized
IOM website
Stablity and reliablity
Enhanced security
Greater visibility

External Media
Well selected, larger photographs engage
users directly in IOM's work
Locator map visually links press notes to country or issue
Interactive migration atlas tells every country’s story
IOM videos tell our stories
Social media icons prompt users to share our content
Link to IOM's Migration Blog
Migration, The Big Issue
Latest PBNs
Previous Issue and Country Specific Map
Featured article
Ability to share article on social media
IOM Blog
Pillar 2
Beneficiary communications,
Feedback & Monitoring
Project Monitoring
DRR project receiving updates
from field staff and community outreach project
17,000+ global audience
Website Development
Widening IOM's reach
through Global Dashboards
(Global View)
Project & Activity
Country specific data visualized
Highly secure access
Data input SMS, E-mail
Urgent alerts to managers
Disaster Risk Reduction
Community Feedback Loops
Migration Dashboard
Diaspora Ministerial Conference
Migration Health
Health Monitoring Global Dashboards
Country Dashboard: Health Monitoring
Project Monitoring Feedback Toolkits
Managers Dashboard
Shelter Cluster Coordination in Mindanao
Developing specialized websites upon request.
Migration Health, SSU, DOE, Diaspora
Current projects underway or in consideration include the Diaspora Ministerial conference
Migration Health
Web based Migration Profiles
Project Overview
Cross-cutting digital services
Online Communications
Webistes, Social Media
Beneficiary communications,
Pillar 1
Pillar 2
Websites, Social Media
Social Media
Flash reports, SitReps, IOM alerts
Pillars 2
Diaspora Ministerial Conference
Migration Health
Social Media
Online Engagement
Percentage Increase
Percentage Increase
Since November 2012
Dashboards and
Project Monitoring
Feedback & Monitoring
Feedback Loops
Country specific data visualized
Highly secure access
Data input SMS, E-mail
Urgent alerts to managers

Nuola. ht
Three years evidence.
72% comprehension.

Significant added value to projects by adding a feedback monitoring tool.
As with dashboards, helps gauge project effectiveness and reach.

Outreach Activity Monitoring
Election Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Field Reporting

Pillar 2
Project and dashboard
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