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No description

Kendall Gruidel

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Leaders

Leaders and Their Qualities
Walt Disney
Qualities that Walt Disney has that I believe make him a leader include:

He had a clear goal and ambition, which was making people happy.

He made sure that he had a happy and healthy relationship with his employees, making sure they were all satisfied.

He wanted to go pass the point of excellent customer expectations. He wanted a happy environment for his customers.

He's extremely creative.

I believe that Walt Disney has the qualities that make him a Transformational Leader.
Coco Chanel
Qualities that I believe make Coco Chanel a leader include:

She broke the status quo for women and fashion, bringing her own style to the table

She had dignity and didn't tolerate any challenges she faced, she worked through them and never gave up her vision.

She was very courageous, living in a time where women didn't have very many rights didn't stop her.

I believe that Coco Chanel has the leadership qualities that make her a transformational leader.
Jennifer Lawrence
Qualities that I believe make Jennifer Lawrence a leader include:

She promotes for hollywood to accept all body types.
She encourages women to be comfortable in their skin, and how she would never starve herself for a role.
She isn't afraid to make light of situations and be herself even though she's under the spotlight and being criticized 24/7.
Promotes being classy and respecting yourself, something uncommon in 21st century Hollywood.
I believe that Jennifer Lawrence has the leadership qualities that make her a Charimatic Leader.
John F. Kennedy
Qualities that I believe make John F Kennedy a good leader includes:

He was ambitious and persistent, he didn't stop trying when something failed.

He was extremely charismatic and found it was better to inspire than argue in the given situation. He encouraged the American people. painting them a bright future.

He turned negative situations into positive ones.Using his insecurities to his advantage.

Willing to take risks.

Used his resources.

I believc that John F. Kennedy has the leadership characters that make him a charismatic leader.
Connecting To These Qualities
I find myself connecting to Coco Chanel and being a transformational leader because I believe in women's rights and that in order to achieve something great,(creating one if not the biggest fashion empire) you have to be bold and break the status quo.
I find myself connecting to Walt Disney because I too find happiness in other people's happiness. i also find that being creative is a quality that can get you anywhere in life, think outside the box.
I find myself connecting to Jennifer Lawrence because I agree 100% with her morals and her beliefs on how hollywood she be. I agree with her views on body image, that women come in all shapes and sizes and that hollywood needs to stop glorifying being an unrealistic beauty.
I find myself connecting to John F. Kennedy because he's extremely charismatic, and found that inspiring and connecting with others is the better method than arguing with someone to prove your point. That although charm may get you to a certain spot, it takes hardwork and the willing to take risks to get far.
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