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Shakespeare's London

No description

Bo Clausen

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Shakespeare's London

Shakespeare's London
Shakespeare baptised 26th April 1564
He died 23 April 1616
Shakespeare in London app. 1590-1613
The Renaissance 1485-1625
The Renaissance
A.k.a. The Elisabethan Era
Rebirth of Classical (Greek/Roman) thought
Focus on Man & life on Earth
The Birth of Venus (1485)
Why did the Renaissance happen?
1. The fall of Constantinople led to a great brain drain.
2. ???
Life in London
200,000 inhabitants
Bear baiting
Drinking and prostitution
The city was prosperous and the entertainment industry was booming...
Talent and entertainers from all over Britain flocked to London
London at the time was socially and politically unstable and very violent...
It was religiously unstable
There were two fundamentalist groups:
1. The Catholics
2. The Puritans (Protestants)
The Puritans were in charge of London City
and they didn't like the theatre. It was sinful!
Queen Elisabeth loved the theatre, so she patronized the theatres and made sure they could exist outside the city walls.
13% of the population went to the theatre once a week. And they enjoyed tragic stories, hilarious comedies, violent action, sex jokes and the like.

The entertainment district was ripe with other offers as well:
Animal torture

Competition was hard - society was violent - and so was the entertainment offered.
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